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19 Crazy Wonderful Ways Men Share Their Feelings About You

Sometimes men share their feelings without saying a single word.

And yeah, we would like to hear them TELL us what’s going on in their world and how they are feeling about us in WORDS, but it’s worth developing the skills to listen for other ways men express the way they feel, too…

My boyfriend doesn’t text me much. It’s hard for me to know what he’s feeling…

“Hi Claire. Is it normal for a man to almost never text? Sometimes I end up waiting for ages to get a text back from my boyfriend, and I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how he’s feeling, what he’s doing, and what he thinks about me/us. Why don’t men share their feelings?” — V.

Hi, V. Your boyfriend may not be a texter. He might not care that much about Facebook or Instagram or WhatsApp. But he might be great on the phone, Skype, or FaceTime. Or he may be a strictly face-to-face kinda guy.

The Woman Men Adore

Men share their feelings, but they tend not to use words, so it takes a while to get to know someone well enough that you have a good idea of what’s floating around in their head and heart…

Every man (and woman) has different communication preferences.

There are so many methods and platforms for communication these days, and everyone has their favorites. Some use calls, some love to text, some prefer to be face-to-face.

It’s also about personality. Introverts may use words to communicate less often than extroverts, for example.

AND, everybody has a different frequency of desired check-ins and contacts. You may want to hear from him several times a day, but he’s good with only once every other day or so.

Don’t let the fact that he’s terrible at texting, or hasn’t told you that he thinks you’re a fabulous girlfriend make you anxious.

how men share their feelingsOver time you’ll start to know how he’s feeling, even if he doesn’t use the words you’re expecting or the communication method you prefer yourself…

There are LOTS of ways men share their feelings and let you know they care…

Of COURSE we enjoy hearing the words “I love you,” or “I really care about you,” but there are many other ways men express the way they feel too…

Men share their feelings, but most men are often better at letting their actions speak for them, so look for the things in the list below, and let THOSE tell you what he is thinking and how he feels about you, too…

  1. He makes you a regular priority in his life.
  2. He shows you off to his friends and family, and is clearly proud to be with you.
  3. He looks after you and wants you to feel safe with him.
  4. He misses you when you’re not around.
  5. He really listens to you.
  6. He brings you little gifts, things he thinks will make you smile.
  7. He compromises.
  8. He puts up with your nutty girlfriends.
  9. He goes out of his way to be polite to your family.
  10. He remembers things you tell him (sometimes even really small things).
  11. He’s happy to hang out and do absolutely nothing together with you.
  12. He’s willing to do dirty work to help you out.
  13. He’s seen you dressed up, and in raggedy sweats with bed hair. And he’s okay with both!
  14. He owns up when he makes a mistake, and tries to make things right.
  15. He is there when you need him.
  16. He wants you to meet his friends. (And he makes his friends behave around you.)
  17. He is on your side when you complain about work (even when you know you’re being overly dramatic).
  18. He grins when you kiss and flirt with him.
  19. He wants to be in physical contact with you (holding hands, etc.)

You may need to challenge some of the things you always thought you knew about men and desire.

Does your man’s behavior regularly confuse you? Does he say one thing and do another?

For example, telling you he’s going to call… And then you never hear from him?

Dr. Bob Grant has been teaching women how to unlock the weird and unexpected things about men’s behavior…

And TURN those things to their own advantage.

It’s like being able to plant yourself inside his head, have him do what YOU want him to do (AND make him think it was all his own idea).

It’s easier than you may think… And the truth of the matter is that men actually WANT you to know these secrets.

You’ll also discover why men don’t listen AND a simple technique you can use TODAY that will have him hanging on your every word.

The Woman Men Adore

Many women live in a state of constant anxiety, wondering if he really loves you, wondering if he’s looking at or thinking about other women, worrying if he really cares for you…

But there is a way that you can get your man deeply, passionately attuned to you like he can’t bear the thought of losing you.

Become the woman men adore, and never want to lose.

You can become the woman of his dreams EVEN if he barely pays attention to you now.

xoxo Claire

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