5 Characteristics of a Man Who Can Love a Strong Woman the Way She Deserves

loving a strong woman

Plenty of men THINK they want a strong woman, but when they are actually in a relationship with one, find themselves slowly ghosting out, or desperately trying to quell the very things in a strong woman which make her capable and spirited.

Here’s the kind of man a truly strong woman craves to be loved by…

Strong does not mean bitchy, angry, or abrasive. There are men who understand that, and who are ready to love a strong woman who knows her mind and is going after the things she dreams of in life.

A truly strong woman doesn’t want a man to be just an afterthought in her life. She wants someone who can be a teammate, a true partner. Here are 5 characteristics of the kind of man who can love a strong woman the way she desires and deserves…

devotion system1. He knows where he’s headed in life.

It’s not so much that he has everything already figured out, but he has a reasonable sense of the direction he needs to go to reach his life goals.

Very few strong women want to be partnered with a man who has no ambition, no drive, and no particular interest in figuring out what his own goals and dreams are; it’s just too draining and discouraging. She doesn’t want to pull her weight and his too — she’s looking for a partner who understands why she is driven, because he feels the same.

2. He’s willing to share leadership AND Be The Man.

Sometimes a strong woman gets tired of being strong. She likes it when she isn’t expected to be strong all day and also be 100% in charge of figuring out all the needs in a household or relationship.

She still wants to feel like a WOMAN. She still craves romance. He should still Be The Man, and be able to plan a date, woo a woman, and leave her breathless with his sensual attention.

3. He will go to the mat for his woman.

devotion system
Being part of a team doesn’t mean that he never has to stand up for her, watch her back, or look out for her interests. A man who really does love a strong woman knows when she needs support, and he delivers.

4. To love a strong woman, he can’t be a controller.

A strong woman doesn’t want to be bossed around or smothered with someone’s constant direction. She’s independent and capable, and if a man is overbearing or comes on like a runaway train, she’s outta there.

5. He is respectful of women in general, and deeply proud of loving a strong woman.

He shows deep respect not just because he’s a gentleman, but because he knows how hard it it for a woman to be strong. He’s looked at the world and seen how women have to work to be treated well. He’s never condescending or patronizing; in fact, he goes out of his way to listen carefully and respond thoughtfully not just to a strong woman, but to all the women in his life.


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