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QUIZ: Are You Too Needy (and Pushing Him Away)?

are you too needy quiz

Being too needy is not healthy for you or attractive to him. You want and deserve to be loved, respected, and appreciated by your man. But when you will do anything to get even the tiniest scraps of his time and attention — and that still doesn’t feel like enough — you can lose the man in addition to losing yourself.

How can you be so unhappy when you’re so in love? (Maybe you’re feeling too needy…)

This isn’t just about how many times you call, text, or try to reach him, or the fact that you may be saying all the wrong things.

It may be that all your identity is too deeply wrapped up in being his girlfriend. When you started loving him so desperately you stopped loving yourself.

You’re missing the natural balance that happens when two healthy people love themselves as well as each other…

Take the quiz below to see if you’re being too needy, and are in danger of losing your relationship completely.

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Take the “Are You Too Needy?” Quiz

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You read too much into even the smallest thing he says or does. You tend to hash through and overthink each little item, trying to dig the meaning out, or figure out the exact best response.

You used to be confident, but now you feel too fearful to act assertively. You worry a lot.

You find yourself accepting blame for his bad behavior, or you spend a lot of time justifying the disrespectful or thoughtless things he does.

You say "we" when you should be saying "I," in an effort to convince yourself and others that the two of you are firmly, incontrovertibly together.

The thought of being without him makes you feel sick with panic.

You think of him all the time.

When he says he's not interested in you, rather than trying to figure out why, you tell yourself (or others) he's lying.

You feel like you simply can't get enough of his attention.

The two of you have not agreed to be exclusive, but you are only dating him and no one else.

You would like for the two of you to talk more about your relationship. You could talk about it for hours (and you do, with your girlfriends), but he's not as interested in this as you are.

You hate it when he talks to other women.

What are the 7 words that every woman fears?

“I’m sorry, it’s just not working out.”

And yet those words are becoming more and more common in today’s “plenty of fish” society.

Men are being told that “hooking up” is the way to go, so once they’ve gotten what they want from you, they’re on to another poor woman who will give them sex without commitment.

But what if you could awaken a man’s deepest desires for you? Stand out from all the other “fish”?

Strong Emotional Bonding

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  • even when he can’t keep his hands off of you,
  • even when he tells you he loves you,

something inside of him remains cautious.

This is because of a primitive protective shield around his heart that tells him “don’t let her get too close.”

If you’re open to it, there IS something you can do.

You unlock his bonding code…

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2 comments on “QUIZ: Are You Too Needy (and Pushing Him Away)?

  1. Hello Claire,

    I love my husband but I think I’m pushing him away from me by saying mean words to him. I always start the fights first he is always calm and to be honest I hate that about him I feel his not taking seriously our marriage or our conversation. I still get jealous even with my own friends I guess you can say I have trust issues. He is very friendly and he like to joke around with everyone. We got married a year ago we have been thru a lot emotionally and we have ring having a lot of money issues. What should I do? Please help these is very painful he is so good to me and I don’t wanna hurt him anymore.

    Thank you Iris

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