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5 Ways to Tell He DEFINITELY Wants To Be MORE Than Friends

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You want to be MORE than friends, but you’re not sure what HE thinks…

Here are 5 ways to answer the question “Does he want to be MORE than friends?”

Like any sane woman, all you want is a definite sign that he is, in fact, truly in love with you. You want to know if you should stick it out with him or move on with your life already!

Use these 7 signs as a checklist: if he has four or more… Things are looking VERY good for a future for the two of you!

More Than Friends Sign #1: He’s REALLY listening

At first, you might think he’s listening just because he’s nodding and seems attentive. However, the real way to know is if he’s taking mental note of the things that truly matter to you.

This includes things that happened to you, the important people in your life, or stuff you’re into (i.e. favorite movies, musical preferences, favorite food).

If he saves this information for future use, you know he cares about you.

He might ask you how Melissa from work is doing (because you mentioned she went through a nasty breakup). Or he’ll say he remembered you when he read some news about your favorite band/celebrity.

He could even use that information to pull out all the stops, like setting up a Star Wars or Breakfast at Tiffany’s-themed date.

If your guy’s doing these things, it’s a clear sign he’s interested in your world – and wants to be part of it.

More Than Friends Sign #2: He’s generous

No, I’m not talking about who picks up the check at dinner. The kind of generosity I mean doesn’t have anything to do with his wallet.

Ask yourself: is he generous with POSITIVE feelings? Does he naturally create a good vibe between you two?

Couples who’ve been together for years are the masters of one particular skill. They know how to create an atmosphere of love, affection and kindness in their relationship.

So to really keep things going, you’ll have to “put in the work” by contributing more positive emotions than, well…unpleasant ones.

If you notice your guy putting in his share of good vibes rather than “draining” you, take that as a good sign.

More Than Friends Sign #3: He accepts who you REALLY Are

Have you ever had someone in your life who isn’t afraid to give you the straight dope about who you are?

It might be a close friend who sees both the positive and negative stuff about you in spite of the “mask” you wear around people. They can see right through it and tell you straight up what makes you awesome…and what you need to change about yourself.

Complete CommitmentHearing the latter might sting a little, but you know it’s coming from a place of love.

Now think about that guy you like – does he see you the same way?

Does he see past your defensive wall, and get to the core of who you really are?

Does he have the courage – and gentle honesty – to point out what makes you beautiful inside AND call you on your B.S.?

Then you’ve got yourself a keeper.

More Than Friends Sign #4: He consistently puts you ahead of everything else

Is he doing things that give you joy and make you happy? Do his actions make it obvious that your happiness MATTERS to him?

Sure, he’ll have his personal hobbies, hang out with his buddies and take his job seriously. These other aspects of his identity form an essential part of who he is AND make him the guy you love.

You know he’s in love if he STILL makes you feel that you’re the most important part of his life no matter how much he’s got on his plate.

More Than Friends Sign #5: He’s always around

Now I don’t mean this in the desperate, clingy sense. This isn’t about him following you around like a lost puppy or never leaving your place.

It’s more about how he’s there even if things get a little haywire.

If he’s STILL with you when other guys would have already bailed at that point, then you know something’s there.

If he’s motivated by a deep sense of caring and concern for your welfare and happiness, that means he’s truly important to you.

If you’re in a “friends with benefits” arrangement (and you want it to change!) READ THIS:

A guy can feel “tricked” or manipulated if a woman takes an FWB situation and tries to change it into a serious relationship.

Luckily, though, there IS a way to do it — IF you know how men think about love.

Complete Commitment

There IS a reason that men repeat this pattern of courting you and working so hard at first – and then “ghosting” you later on.

Disappearing right when things are getting good…

It’s something called the “Love Law.”

It’s programmed into every man’s DNA. Right into his genetic blueprint. And EVERY man has to obey this Law.

This Love Law decides:

  • WHEN a man falls in love…
  • WHO he falls in love with…
  • WHY he decides to commit…

If you’d like to know what this Love Law is, AND how to use it to get the man you want to fall for YOU…

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2 comments on “5 Ways to Tell He DEFINITELY Wants To Be MORE Than Friends

  1. Hello, the guy I was seeing told me he started seeing another, he is still coming around me and says he cares for me, that he thinks if me, he helps me when I need help doing things. Should I wait for him and should I tell him how I feel about him. When he comes by sometimes he vents about her. I let him and then change subject talk about other things. No clue what to do.

    • Claire Casey

      Hi Tracy — Sorry I didn’t see this right away, but I’m guessing (and hoping) by now you may have started dating other guys. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing you and your ex never formalized an agreement where you both agreed to date only each other. And there’s no reason in the world to put your life on hold while you wait to see what he decided to do with his life — go ahead and live your own life! Maybe the two of you will re-connect in a meaningful way, maybe you won’t. There’s no reason to be closed to that possibility. What you should be closed to is shutting down your life while you wait on him. So date, pursue your goals in life, and love yourself without reserve. You got this, girlfriend! 🙂 xoxo

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