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5 Successful Dating Habits That Are Pure Genius

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Successful dating doesn’t come in a jar. No one is born knowing how to build a strong lifelong relationship. Usually that takes plenty of trial and error, heart drama and (sometimes) heart trauma. But what if you could neatly sidestep some of the trickiest relationship messes completely?

Here’s a list of the top 5 successful dating habits to show you exactly how it can be done…

Successful Dating Habit #1. Casually date more than one guy at a time

This successful dating habit saves you from investing everything in one man, waiting for 8 months or 2 years (or more) to discover that oops, it may not work out with this one. It kinda feels like you just lost all that time you invested, when you could have already been working on new possibilities.

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Successful Dating Habit #2. Know your dating goals and timeline from the start

successful dating quoteYou should made some decisions before you even start dating…

First, what do you want out of dating? Marriage? Kids? Friendship? Someone to support you? Someone to travel and explore with?

Second, how long are you willing to spend with a particular guy before you make a decision about breaking it off or continuing ahead with him?

Set your dating goals and timeline and you’ll always have clarity about where you are in the process.

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Successful Dating Habit #3. Keep pursuing your own life goals and passions

Never give up your own life in order to center it entirely around someone else’s. This is actually more than a successful DATING habit, because it should continue into lifelong relationships and marriage.

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Successful Dating Habit #4. Maintain a strong network of friends, coaches, and mentors

These are the people who can help keep you centered when you start to veer off course. Your true friends, coaches, and mentors are also a great check and balance for helping you determine if the man you’re seeing is the best guy for you.

Successful Dating Habit #5. Don’t become exclusive until you both agree explicitly to do so

Too many wonderful women center their lives around a single man without realizing or understanding that the man is NOT doing the same. So don’t stop dating other guys until you’ve BOTH talked about it, and have agreed to become exclusive.

This successful dating habit might be the single MOST important one of all…

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Want to add your successful dating habit to the list?

Leave me a comment below and share your thoughts!

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