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7 Sexiest Things You’ll Ever Hear (That Aren’t Even X-Rated!)


Every woman needs a group of sexy words that make her man feel like the hottest, most amazing man in the universe.

And guess what? The sexiest things a woman says DON’T have to be “x-rated.”

Here are the sexiest words and phrases that, when you say them, heat him up and make him burn in the best possible way.

1. Moans, sighs and other sounds of arousal

2. Yes (and other agreements)

3. Appreciation and admiration

  • You are so incredible / smokin’ hot / amazing
  • This is one of my favorite spots to kiss
  • Your skin feels so good against mine

4. Words about what comes next (anticipation)

  • I want to make you feel aroused for me
  • I can’t wait to taste you
  • I’m so ready to see every sexy inch of you

5. Sexy pleas and requests

  • Oh, please, yes…
  • Let’s go slow and make this last

6. How he makes you feel

  • Can you feel how wet you’re making me?
  • You make me think such dirty thoughts
  • I just can’t resist you

7. Smoldering hot questions

  • Does this make you ache?
  • Would you like me to…
  • Do you like it when I __________?

Pretty smoking hot, right?

Now add an UNBREAKABLE emotional bond, and girlfriend, this man is going to need you like a forest fire needs a tidal wave of sparkling, quenching water…

Because, warrior-heart woman…

Sex won’t make him love you, but THIS will…

No matter how crazy, how over-the-top with red-hot intensity he feels toward you, that isn’t enough to make him want to spend the rest of his life with you.

But THIS is…

Build an Unbreakable Emotional Bond with Him

The truth is that no matter how attractive you are…

How great you look in that little black dress…

Until you use this, he hasn’t TRULY bonded with you.

The moment a man really falls in love with you is when you use this one thing during his moment of doubt and/or discouragement.

That’s when he realizes that you’re the one woman who makes him feel READY to COMMIT.

That’s the instant when he realizes it’s pointless to keep looking.

Want to know more? THIS is the video for you!

xoxo Claire

15 comments on “7 Sexiest Things You’ll Ever Hear (That Aren’t Even X-Rated!)

  1. Gosh, Claire, you got me all hot and bothered with this list…. 😀 I might print it out and hand it to my boyfriend… 😉

    • Claire Casey

      Lol, Julia. I’m guessing if he’s with YOU, he’s already doing most of these. 😉

  2. Love the advise …. he is so receptive to all my suggestions and openness…. he is suggesting his own fantasy ‘s… so much in love with each other . Always open and honest… that’s how we started and agree to stay.. it is so great! At this stage of life We are so happy with our life in all areas because of our openness… our time to live and love … PS. We are both widows and have found new life together, and we are only in our 50’s and 60’s… I am the older .. always enjoy your advise…

    • Claire Casey

      Hi, Sue — Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. And congrats on finding new life and love together with your sweetheart! It sounds like quite an energizing and pleasurable match! 🙂 xoxo

  3. Julia I was thinking the same thing…hot!!!to funny….I’ve heard some of these also, I’m a bit on the shy side when theses are said to me .And I’m not shy….I hate blushing?…but enjoy hearing that I’m beautiful…sexy…beautiful body…etc…is VERY nice

  4. Thank you for the info. I am 60 and divorced for 2 years now. My question is, when a new relationship with a man starts and while we are kissing he says things like: Has anyone told you how sensuous or hot… you are? I didn’t know how to answer him, yes/no did not seem appropriate. What kinds of things do women say back ? Or where did you learn how to kiss like that? (practice did not feel like a good comment) Its like they wanted an answer and I felt so awkward.
    Any help?

  5. Claire Casey

    Hi, Jean — Good question! What about these possibilities:

    Him: “Has anyone told you how hot you are?”

    You: “I like hearing when YOU say it…”


    Him: “Where did you learn to kiss like that?”

    You: “Mmm, I have my ways!”

    He’s not really asking for a confession of what other lovers have said to or done with you, he’s just trying to turn you on. 🙂

  6. One big turn on for me is when my man asks if he can touch me. My body nearly melts at the thought.

    • Claire Casey

      What a lovely thought, Sue. Not only is it kinda sexy, it also feels respectful and gentlemanly… 🙂

  7. My boyfiend, now husband, used to compliment me more when we were dating. Why is that?

    • Claire Casey

      Hi, Kim.

      Your situation is not unusual. When guys are working hard to win you, they will employ all sorts of wooing tactics. And that’s good. The trick is to help them learn that it’s still important, even after you’re married. This takes a bit of clear communication, that’s all. He may not even realize that it’s important to you. So let him know!

      Something like this might work:

      “Remember when we were dating, and you used to tell me _______? I loved that. It always used to give me sexy shivers, and made me want to jump your bones. You should try that again and see what happens.”

      I bet that would light a fire under him… 🙂

      Have fun!

  8. #6 I wouldn’t know How to Respond to the first 2 comments?
    Even the third one ???

    • Claire Casey

      I don’t think you necessarily have to say anything in particular in response to the first two. The third one is easy: “Thanks!” 🙂

  9. What if the woman is the one saying all those things and he doesn’t?

    • Claire Casey

      Rita, he may not even realize that you like it so much (or that he should do it). So why not tell him? You can make it a sexy kind of conversation, y’know… Could be fun! ?

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