How to Break Free From the Sticky Past (and Sail Lightly Into Your Future)

You’ve suffered enough, stardust sister. But the past has it’s sticky grip on you, and you can’t seem to break free…

How to break free from the chains that are holding you back

Something awful happened. Maybe you were partly at fault, maybe you weren’t, but it was a mess and you seem to be unable to completely break free from it. Here’s help…

1. Your past is not who you are

You are not the mistakes you’ve made. The single biggest thing you can do to break free from the sticky past is not to try and change what happened (because you can’t!), but instead change how you deal with it.

Refuse to allow your mistakes to be your story, or who you are.

2. Clear up what you can

If there are things that need to be finished that are still holding you back, handle them the best you can.

  • deal with any financial untangling that needs to be done
  • get rid of any possessions that are holding you to the past
  • release the habits that are keeping you stuck
  • say “I’m sorry” if you need to
  • make whatever amends you can

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3. Figure out what good lessons you can get from it

Take the time to untangle whatever good lessons there are from your past, and resolve to carry those into the future with you.

Everything else? It’s not coming along for the ride.

BONUS: The coolest thing in the world (and it’s very healing, too!) is when you can use the lessons from a painful past to help someone else who needs help to break free from their own situation. Be looking, because you may get the opportunity.

4. Recycle the good, not the bad

Don’t negate the power of your many successes by continuing to focus on the bad stuff. It’s tempting to tell your stories of pain. Instead, recycle the JOY, rather than the misery.

Tell your story to yourself (and others) as a story of hardship overcome, or unexpected growth; a fresh start or a stepping stone to something beautiful.

5. Build a hope for your future

What is it that you’re actually living toward? What are those hopes and dreams for you life that you may have let slip while you were stuck in the past?

It’s time to brush them off and try again. Just a few small steps each day toward the future will eventually get you there!

Break free and let hope take up residence in your soul! You deserve a beautiful future.

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