This Unusual Little Journal Will Make You Wildly Happy (Just Try It and See!)

Maybe you’ve been keeping a journal for a while, or you’ve envied all those gorgeous images of other people’s journals on Pinterest. Well, here’s an unusual little journalling practice that can completely change your mindset and improve your life.

This “Different” Practice will Re-Wire Your Brain and Lift Your Soul…

I learned this strange little tip from my friend and mentor of the past 20 years, Mary Jo.

She and I are both writers, we’ve both kept journals all our lives. But when she told me about THIS, I knew instantly it was genius, and I’ve never forgotten it, and I want to pass it along to you…

When you get totally discouraged and overwhelmed with your Godzilla-sized to-do list, and it feels like you NEVER get ahead on the tasks you face, you need to do this:

  1. Get a new journal — any kind, even a spiral notebook — and here’s what you put in it…
  2. On page one, write “Done.” (Or “Accomplished” or “Finished!”)
  3. Then, write down every single thing you actually do for a day.

Write down every thing you accomplish.

Not just the major things, EVERYTHING.

Everything you actually finish doing.

If it’s feeding the cats, taking out the garbage, driving to work…

List each thing separately and on a separate line:

  • Made breakfast.
  • Put breakfast dishes in dishwasher.
  • Ran 1 load laundry.
  • Put 1 load in dryer.
  • Folded 1 load laundry. (If you actually did that, hah)

And so on, all the way through your day.

Ever feel like you’re running hard, but never making progress? This is the journal for you.

I call these journals Accomplishment Journals, and I have to record a day or two every so often or I go crazy, because I feel like I’m running hard and never making progress.

I’m still trying to get my newest project launched to the public and there are a THOUSAND THINGS that keep delaying it, but I refuse to give up. Little steps. When I keep my Done/Accomplishment journals, I see that I’m still making progress.

It’s AMAZING how many things you will actually GET DONE in a single day.

I hope you’ll get some use out of that great idea.

If you try it, leave me a comment and tell me how it went for you. Or email me. I like hearing from y’all.

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xoxo Claire

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