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A Beautiful Centering Technique For When Your Thoughts Are Wandering

If you’ve ever found yourself caught in a churn of frustrating or unhelpful thoughts or emotions, this beautiful centering technique and meditation will help you get grounded again.

Stop the intrusive, repetitive thoughts and reclaim your peace

It often happens at night. You wake up and get caught in a looping thought that will NOT go away. Sometimes it’s a list of things you have to get done, or it’s a conversation or relationship you wish had happened differently. Sometimes it’s about something you feel you have absolutely no control over.

And it repeats itself, again and again in your head.

It’s maddening, but you don’t have to let it control you. Instead, you can relax and center yourself in the present moment, and find peace.

This simple 5-step centering technique and meditation will show you how…

Centering Technique Step 1: Relax

Take five deep, slow breaths in a row. If you do yoga, you’ve probably done belly breaths before. Breathe in for four counts, out for five.

Centering Technique Step 2: Detach

Take a moment to gently detach yourself from all the emotions surrounding and filling you.

Envision a simple rowboat waiting for you, tethered to a pier on a calm pond. Walk out and step into your boat.

Now untie your boat from the little wooden pier, and let her drift out onto the water. You’re leaving all your cares and worries behind for the moment…

You have oars in the boat, and you will return, but the steady, warm breeze is enough to carry you away from the pier and all the cares you left there.

Centering Technique Step 3: Center

Enjoy the feeling of drifting free, of being supported and safe, of moving gently toward the center of the pond, the center of your being.

As you feel the warm sun bathing you, take five more deep, slow belly breaths. Breathe in for four counts, out for five.

Centering Technique Step 4: Focus

Now choose one word that encapsulates who you want to be, or how you want to feel in this moment.

Gaze around you at your pond, or at the sky. There may be a clue to your focus word there.

Rooted — like the trees around you.
Calm — like the surface of the water.
Strong — like your sturdy little boat.
Open — like the sky above you.

Choose your word, or let it come to you.

Allow this word to set the tone for your time on the lake.

When you are ready to return, take this word with you, as a gift.

Centering Technique Step 5: Gratitude

When your boat comes back to the pier, offer your thanks for the gift. This can be as simple as a smile to your inner sanctuary, or a suffusion of gratitude within.

Let the gratitude flow up and out of you as you re-enter your day.

How to create more clear healing space in your life and heart…

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The constant clatter and demands in your head can keep you from getting still, finding your center, and recovering the woman you are and were meant to be.

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xoxo Claire

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