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How Being A Deeply Sensitive Woman Affects Your Life & Relationships

deeply sensitive woman

Are you a deeply sensitive woman? Here’s how your highly sensitive heart impacts your life and relationships…

I recently received an email and this woman’s words leapt out and touched that deeply sensitive place in my own most secret heart:

“…At this point I’m dealing with a lot, and being highly sensitive, it is sometimes difficult to maintain my true me.” — S.

Oh, darling…

Deeply sensitive women are some of the most creative, artistic, loving, and quietly shining people in the world. They make staunch and loyal friends, brilliant muses, and they are almost painfully empathetic. But they also suffer in many ways that less sensitive people never do…

Take a look at the list below. Find yourself in there, fierce heart?

If so, please don’t worry.

It’s good to know and be known to yourself, and I promise you there are ways to take your very unique STRENGTHS and pull some of the STRUGGLE and PAIN completely and totally OUT of those strengths, making them beautiful and helpful in the world, just like you, kind creature…

18 Truths about Deeply Sensitive Women

  1. You take things so much to heart. The smallest mistakes, criticisms, or perceived affronts injure you for much longer than they do other people. You are terrible at “shaking it off.”
  2. You tend to be forgiving and understanding to others, but very rarely will you cut yourself a break. You’re your own worst critic.
  3. You notice things most other people miss. Tiny details, currents of energy, changes in voice tone, postures, and timing. Sometimes you notice SO much stuff (that other people miss) you wonder if you’re inventing things. Or if you’re just nuts.
  4. Because you are a deeply sensitive woman, you find it hard to focus on the important things in your relationships. You are under such a glut of information all the time that you have trouble keeping your forward focus, taking your needed next steps. You want to do everything, and have trouble doing the important things while letting the smaller issues go.
  5. You sometimes ghost out when relationships get difficult, not because you don’t want the relationship, but because dealing with disagreements, difficulties, or struggles feels overwhelming. Relationships in general feel overwhelming.
  6. You see the beauty in other people SO clearly! You sincerely appreciate them! You draw out their trust and help them to become more confident and self-loving. (Wish you could do more of that for yourself…)
  7. You work overtime to look good, validate other people, and help your friends. Why? Because you so desperately want to be validated yourself. It’s an evil cycle, and you KNOW it’s an evil cycle, but you feel powerless to stop it.
  8. You tend to let other people take advantage of you. You want to please, and everyone really does like you (you’re super easy to have around!), but there are plenty of people who take advantage of your giving nature.
  9. You are sometimes mistaken for “quiet” or “shy,” even though you don’t think of yourself this way. It’s just that you have such a complex inner life. You spend a lot of time reflecting on things in your head, so sometimes you look like a quiet person.
  10. The past is super sticky for you. You remember the hard times, the difficulties, the struggles TOO well. That toss-off joke your boyfriend made? It felt like he was calling you “fat” and you just can’t let go of it, no matter how beautiful and sexy he tells you he thinks you are.
  11. Breakups are KILLER for you. You tend to replay every moment of the relationship trying to figure out where things went wrong. Your brain gets stuck on “repeat” and your heart simply can’t seem to shut off that tape!
  12. You’re a little (maybe a lot) afraid of intimacy. This is because you are so hard on yourself; you see thousands of faults and shortcomings in yourself that no one else sees. As a result, it’s hard for you to risk “opening up” and allowing another person deeply in.
  13. Change is particularly hard. When you face something new, you are (too) keenly aware of all the things that could go wrong, all the ways you might mess up. But once you actually get started, you usually enjoy yourself!
  14. A deeply sensitive woman cries easily, loves easily, and forgives others easily. Sometimes this bites you in the butt, but girlfriend, there is no one more easy to love than you are. You make such a great girlfriend or partner because you truly, deeply want what’s best for the other person.
  15. You struggle to keep others accountable. If someone wrongs you, you’re unwilling to call them on it. As a result, you soak up a lot of crap you shouldn’t have to.
  16. You are AWESOME at seeing every side in an argument. People love to tell you their dramas, because you work hard to understand and fairly explain the particular point of view of everyone involved. This only works when you’re not involved directly in the drama, of course.
  17. You NEED quiet time, but you also avoid it, because it falls into the category of “doing things for yourself,” and you tend to spend most of your time (too much, you know) doing things for others.
  18. You really struggle to know who YOU are. Because you are so deeply sensitive, and you take on the feelings and struggles of everyone around you, it’s hard to separate who they are from who YOU are. You’re working on it, but it’s a major challenge for you.

If YOU are a deeply sensitive woman (like I am), it can feel overwhelming, however…!

7 Minute MindfulnessIn some ways I know it seems overwhelming just to read through that list of 18 truths.

Yes, these things make you the woman you are, but some days, it’s EXHAUSTING being that woman, isn’t it?

Your heart and soul are so overwhelmed with the STRUGGLE of it all.

There is soothing, beautiful soul-relief from the chaos for you, I promise.

One of the most powerful deep-soul gifts you can give yourself is this…

If you’ve ever listened to any of my Fierce Love audio recordings, you know I’m a huge believer in taking short, powerful meditative breaks to LOVE YOURSELF with no restraints.

For me, this sort of deep self-kindness is absolutely crucial to keeping a sensitive mind in a positive state…

Helping to focus your mental energy on something GOOD and HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL.

Today I want to show you an extremely effective “7 Minute Mindfulness Method.”

This 7 minute mindfulness method will make your mind as calm as water…

I’m talking about a method that will allow you to sink into relaxation quickly, giving you that private, almost-magical center point within, where stress and anxiety can’t sabotage your life.

This will fill your life with joy and satisfaction… And teach you how to easily defeat any life problems and mental chaos you may be facing, and it helps calm and soothe the struggle of being a deeply sensitive soul…

And it only takes 7 Minutes! (<—Click here to read more)

There’s a wealth of research on the long term and short term health benefits of this kind of quiet, centered mindfulness.

These powerful, soothing 7 minute mindfulness audios enable you to…

  1. Relax and quiet your mind and body
  2. Declutter your overwhelmed spirit so that you can bring out your BEST self
  3. Turn your anxiety into love and JOY
  4. Gain mental STRENGTH when anxiety takes over your mind
  5. Get that cleansing, peaceful breathing back into your life
  6. Release the tension in your mind and body for health and HEALING
  7. Teach yourself to take 7-minute POWER naps 🙂
  8. Trigger natural deep sleep cycles when you’re ready for bed

ALL of these things contribute to a healthier, stronger YOU, whether you are in a relationship right now or not.

And if you ARE in a relationship, you’re going to see significant change.

You’ll be bringing the BEST GIFTS of a DEEPLY SENSITIVE woman to that relationship, without the injury of feeling everything so deeply like you do.

You’ll gain inner peace, happiness and feel “uncluttered” in your life.

Sparkling soul, you weren’t made to run at the speed you’re currently running at.

You deserve some heart-peace and mind-calm, beautiful woman. ♥️

xoxo Claire

PS: Mindfulness a gift that we don’t give to ourselves much.

In fact, our society teaches that we should be getting as much done as possible all the time, which leads to burnout, stress, health problems, and lower productivity.

Don’t follow that pack, darling. Don’t let yourself be burned out by the demands you feel so keenly in your heart and soul.

Take this small 7 minute gift into your life and allow yourself a tiny gift.

If you’re a deeply sensitive woman, this is going to bring very big rewards to you!

PPS: Being mindful means focusing on the present moment. Being fully HERE.

It allows you to attend to what’s going on right around you and inside you.

So it simplifies things because you can just notice, appreciate, and even enjoy the present moment, without letting the thousand cares of a hurting universe to injure you, sensitive woman.

THAT’S why I think you’ll benefit from learning to regularly take 7 minutes for YOU, for groundedness, for healing in this moment…

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