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How to Heat Up His Interest In You

heat up his interest

Here’s how to heat up his interest in you and start something exciting (even if he wants to go slower than you do)…

He wants to take things slow… But I want to heat up his attraction!

“Hi Claire, I just discovered you today and have already read your whole website!

I am 35 and have been on a date or two with a very kind man living at the other end of the country. We both have very busy lives and we don’t get to see each other too often. However we have been talking to each other every couple of days and texting daily.

Unfortunately just last week or so, I noticed that he said he would call me the following day but didn’t. When I phoned him three days later he was fine, the same as usual. He is an extremely shy and quiet person. BUT earlier on he would text me daily and was extremely flirty in texts etc.

There is a bit of a shift I feel. It used to be if we didn’t text for a day, he would make sure he would text early the following morning. Now, he is more casual. He mentioned three times to me over the past few months that ‘we are only getting to know each other’ so I know he wants to take things slow.

Have you any advice as to how I can heat up his attraction again. He still has his online profile so perhaps he is contacting others too.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.” — C.
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Thanks for your email, C., and especially for your sweet words!

And as to your question about increasing his level of interest, I have a few thoughts about how to heat things up a bit…

But before I begin, I want to caution you to hold yourself just a bit in reserve.

The two of you are long distance, but you’ve had “a date or two” with him, and that’s awesome.

But it’s not much to go on, just yet.


Date casually, happily, and regularly.

There are just SO many men who are nearby, who might be just the match for you, and a relationship in which you can actually see and date someone on a regular basis will be easier than trying to get to know someone long-distance.

So if you truly want to heat up his interest, date! And don’t hide the fact that you are dating. A woman who is in demand is HIGHLY attractive to other men!

Make sure he knows there is competition around!

Run at your happiest speed.

He can go as slow as he wants, but you get you pick your own speed, and if he thinks he might risk losing you to someone else, he will have to up his game.

So don’t respond to his texts instantly. Don’t call him like clockwork every time you don’t hear from him. Don’t push too hard at all.

If he wants the awesome prize that is YOU, he’s going to have to do the work, not sit back and hope you’ll do everything for him.

Get your flirt on (and not just with him)!

Get good at flirty texting.

There are few things that will heat up a man faster!

Ask the kinds of questions men can’t resist — the kind that really do require a phone call and not just a line or two of text.

Invite him to tell you more about himself, and celebrate the things he’s doing.

And more than anything, work toward the face-to-face (live and in-person DATE) time. It’s much more powerful than texting or phoning.

(Do I need to say “Don’t jump in bed with him right away”? Didn’t think so, sweet sister.)

Remember what is BEST for YOU.

Sometimes women will dramatically slow their speed if they think they might outrun a man who is only half-heartedly chasing them.

Sometimes that slowed speed turns into the woman trying to convince the man that she’s the one he wants.

But fierce heart, you don’t want to heat up a man who only maybe-sorta-kinda wants to be in relationship with you. You want someone who is excited and hopeful about the ways the two of you could be and live and love together!

Ask him honestly about his follow-through.

If a man tells you he will call, and then he does NOT call, it’s perfectly fine to ask about it.

“Hey, you mentioned you would call on Tuesday, but I didn’t hear from you. Everything okay?”

You may learn more about what’s going on in his life, OR you may learn that he always has an “excuse” for why he’s not a man of his word.

You’re looking for integrity — a man whose actions match his words.

Know when it’s time to cut your losses (so you can enjoy a man who is WAITING on beautiful, exciting YOU).

Be clear with yourself and the world at large that you’re not waiting on him to snap out of his lethargy and get his game going.

Keep going after your goals. Keep working toward the things you dream of.

Never put your life on pause in hopes that a man will heat up and join you for the journey (or worse, substitute his journey for your own).

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xoxo Claire
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