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I Can’t Stop Thinking About His Ex! How Do I Break Free From This?

can't stop thinking about his ex

Can’t stop thinking about his ex? 

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy, I know. No worries. Cause I got your back, beautiful.

“I can’t stop thinking about his ex!”

“Hey beautiful Claire. I’m in a relationship with my best friend for the past few months. Everything is going well but the problem is that I keep thinking about his past relationship and I really can’t take it.

This is my first relationship, but he’s had a relationship for 5 years.

Stop thinking about his ex, and make him YEARN for youBeing his best friend I know each and every detail about his relationship with his ex. This is creating problems for me. I’ve been hurt & ignored by him in the past because of his ex.

The fact that I’m not the only girl he ever loved & the fact that he’s been physical with his ex is killing me from inside.

I spoke to him about this & he said that it’s all about his past, it has got nothing to do with our present & that he only loves me now.

I know that in order to stay happy with him I have to accept him with his past but I’m unable to forget it all. I’m fed up with of all this, please help me. I want peace in my life.” — S.

Nearly everybody in the world has an ex.

It’s a totally normal part of the dating world.

Since dating is brand new to you, it seems weird, but with time, you’ll get used to it.

It’s just another one of those things that couples deal with, like we deal with all our issues (mistakes, successes, big events) from the past.

Getting peace in your life in this situation isn’t that hard once you have some direction, but it will be mostly your job, and not have anything at all to do with your new boyfriend.

Let me give you one quick reminder, then I’ll take you through three simple steps to help you stop thinking about his ex…

Remember: His past is not who he is

He’s with YOU now, and not her.

And you didn’t fall in love with his past, you feel in love with the man he is now.

Your job now is not to try to change the past, but to change how you deal with it.

Here’s how…

1. Figure out what good lessons you can get from this

If you want to stop thinking about his ex, your first step is to take the time to untangle whatever GOOD lessons there are from all the deep details you know about his past, and resolve to carry THOSE into the future with you.

Everything else? It’s not coming along for the ride.

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2. Recycle the good, not the bad

Don’t negate the power of your present — and the fact that he loves you — by continuing to focus on the bad stuff or sticky, messy details of his relationship with his ex.

Instead, recycle the good things.

One of the good things about his past is that he’s a man capable of loving. You’ll figure out other good things as you think about it.

To learn how to stop thinking about his ex, you need to learn to tell his story to yourself as a story of challenges overcome, or unexpected growth; a fresh start or a stepping stone to something beautiful (like YOU!).

3. Don’t make him into your therapist

Remember, if you want to be a man’s girlfriend, you don’t want to force him into the role of your therapist.

HE is not responsible for YOUR healing. You are, beautiful.

If you still struggle to stop thinking about his ex, lean on your emotionally healthy girlfriends and mentors, rather than expecting him to constantly work to make you feel better.

And meanwhile, be the confident, emotionally healthy and deeply attractive girlfriend he wants to love!

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