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How to Stop THIS Deadly Relationship Killer for Good

The first time I saw the movie Jaws I was in high school, and it kept me from swimming in the ocean for years.

But what happens if you grow your own toothy little predator from the time it’s a baby in a fishbowl?

Sometimes you only remember how punk-rock and cute it was in that bowl at the fairground game booth, and since you long ago released it into the ocean, you don’t realize how deadly it has become.

Or that it might be coming for YOU.

We all have emotional issues. The trick is in knowing when you have a deadly relationship killer on your hands, and doing everything you can to defeat it before it wreaks havoc in your life.

And in this letter, the REAL monster is NOT what it first appears to be…

“Claire, I have been dating my boyfriend for two years, and recently he started talking to me about getting to “play” with another couple. He claims this is going to bring us together and only happens if you really love your partner and want to provide extra pleasure outside the relationship. We set up a date with some friends of his but it got cancelled in the last minute and he went emotionally down to the point we hardly talked. Then I was able to set up the “playdate” between the male and myself. My boyfriend wasn’t even present and he is extremely happy and catering and loving me to the extreme. I’m not sure if I would like to keep doing this Swingers life. But if I said no to him, our relationship might end. What do you suggest?” – Amanda

Hi Amanda, thanks for writing. And girlfriend, I don’t think your question is about swinging at all. It’s about whether you want to be in a relationship with the kind of man, who, if you say no to him, the relationship might end.

Red flag 1: If you say “no,” he might leave you?

In this situation the relationship killer is not swinging, it’s your fear that he might not want you anymore if you disagree with him on something that’s important to you.

Capture his heartThere is absolutely NO future in a relationship where you can’t say no; where what you think is not allowed any space or respect.

I know that’s hard to hear. But there are some other issues here as well.

Red flag 2: Is “swinging” the gorilla glue in a relationship?

You said “he claims this is going to bring us together…”

Let me assure you that you don’t have to sleep with lots of other people in order to draw closer as a couple. Only hard work, honest communication, and deep commitment are going to do that.

Red flag 3: Are you (and the two of you together) a priority for him?

Another red flag was when that first swinging date was cancelled, and “he went down emotionally to the point we hardly talked.”

It sounds like these “playdates” are far more important to him than anything else in his life, and definitely more important than his relationship with you.

I know you’re not 100% sure that this is something you are interested in. And maybe you’re trying to figure that out. But with all the other signs of trouble here, I don’t think that’s where you should put your energy…

3 steps to defeat this relationship killer before it devours you

super womanHere’s what will help you vanquish this deadly relationship killer for good…

1. Learn to value yourself deeply

You are in control of your own self-worth.

You must value yourself enough to believe that what you think and say are important. You must be absolutely convinced that your “no” ought to be given weight and respect with any person you love.

I know that’s easy to say and hard to do… and it’s even harder to figure out HOW to do it. But here are a few starting points.

Take a look at your life, and ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the big dreams I have in my life? (Name at least 3)
  • Am I taking baby steps every day toward the things in life I dream of?
  • Am I pursuing my dreams in the BEST possible way (or am I constantly compromising because of what other people want)?

When you can answer those three things with a resounding “Yes! I’m following my dreams in the best possible way,” then you’re back on track.

And as an added bonus, you’ll have more clarity about this guy you’re currently dating.

This particular relationship killer – the shark that’s eating your self-worth – is going down in flames, girlfriend. 🙂

You deserve ALL of the RIGHT Man’s Heart

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2. Remember, it’s not your job to please others.

Make this your new mantra: “It’s not my job to make him happy.” Your job, darling, is to seek out and live your best life.

And if you’re not fully in charge of the kind of woman you are, someone else will be.

You need to know WHO you are (and respect what that means) in order to really value yourself.

3. Draw from your support network

It’s absolutely CRITICAL that you associate yourself with the right kind of people, because that’s the kind of people you become most like.

Draw closest to you the people who love you unconditionally, and who have your best interest at heart. Let go of the people who only want to drain you, bring you down, or make you confused.

You got this, beautiful…

And even more, you DESERVE this. I believe you’re ready to capture the RIGHT man’s heart and let him love you forever. You were born to love wonderfully and fully, and have that passion returned in kind. My very best to you!

xoxo Claire

2 comments on “How to Stop THIS Deadly Relationship Killer for Good

  1. Uh-oh. THIS is why swinging gets a bad reputation, and it feels very sad for me.

    I’ve seen it in action (as the lucky third party receiving occasional empowering attention and delicious pleasure from secure, confident couples) and from what these people tell me, it CAN improve a relationship, as long as BOTH people are on the same page, are equally kinky, and always remember that this is just a hobby and their relationship with each other always comes first (and yup, with a good swing couple, the man makes sure his wife/gf always comes first… even literally! *blush*).

    Of course, swinging is not necessary to bring two partners close. It’s an advanced skill, and it can be a great bonus if you’re already at a good place with yourself and with each other. For a man, swinging can be an amazing opportunity to bypass “the death of possibility” (can you tell I’m following Mike Fiore as well?), while for a woman, it can be a fantastic way to explore her sexuality and to receive confirmation of her femininity and desirability from new people (and yes, even if you’re totally straight, being desired by a bisexual woman is an incredible confidence-booster! because you know women are much more critical than men, and if she’s attracted to you, it means she did NOTICE your muffin top, but she STILL finds you hot! if that comes from a man, those self-conscious of us might relegate it as “meh, he’s a man, he likes everything with boobs”, but when it comes from a woman, it’s a big “in your face, Cosmo!” *giggle, giggle*). And yes, for both partners, it can be a wonderfully efficient way to build connection over a shared adrenaline-inducing passion (I personally prefer swinging to bungee jumping, thank you very much!). I’ve seen the good part of swinging with my own eyes, I’ve talked to many people in the lifestyle, I’m an active member in an online community about it, and I dream of one day sharing such a relationship with a partner of my own (mainly because it would mean that our relationship is strong enough to begin with; I would never introduce a swing element in my relationship before making sure that I feel loved and safe and happy with that man).

    In any case, I just wanted to confirm (from the point of view of an eye-witness) that swinging is not inherently wrong. It only becomes a problem when it unearths other more deep-seated issues (mostly toxic insecurities, self-worth problems and neediness). Or when this is the only thing that is keeping one of the partners in the relationship.

    Phew! I really felt triggered and felt the need to rant a bit about it. Claire, thank you for being rational and wise and not condemning swinging per se. I hope Amanda gets to work on herself and improve her life and her relationship.

    • Claire Casey

      Thank you, Julia, for your well-considered response. Maybe it felt like a rant to you, but it came across as level-headed to me. And you’re right, this article wasn’t really about swinging at all. That issue may have dressed like the monster, but it wasn’t the real relationship killer at all. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, girlfriend.

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