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3 Power Moves to Jumpstart Your Dating Life

Are you single and hoping? Or plodding through your dating life, desperately wishing something would change? Would you like to jumpstart your dating life and FINALLY feel like you’re getting the love you crave?

Let’s jumpstart your dating life, NOW!

Where are all the date-able men? Do you have spinach in your teeth or something? What’s the problem here?

Okay, soulshine. Here are the three most common reasons your love life is nonexistent or a disaster zone, AND how to think about and deal with each one…

Problem #1. You’re waiting, not dating

The first reason you’ve been wishing you could jumpstart your dating is that you’re actually NOT dating. You’re waiting (for someone to find you) instead of dating (in order to find someone).

Sometimes it’s only a phase in your life.

Typically the waiting-not-dating time periods only happen because you’re overwhelmed with other things going on in your life. Finishing a degree program, looking for a new job, raising a small child alone, dealing with an illness or addiction, moving to a new location…

Allow yourself to go through difficult phases. You don’t have to be focusing on dating every moment of your adult life.

But those crazy seasons do eventually pass. And one day soon, cleaning up and polishing your love life to a glossy shine will become a priority, and you can get busy and get out there again.

But you can’t say “I haven’t found the right man,” if you’re not actually looking…

Do you long to have an amazing man look you in the eye and tell you he will never let you go?? One woman did THIS, and now she’s a “Mrs.”!

Problem #2. You’re waiting for the ONE

Soulmates are made, not born. And there isn’t just ONE man out there, manfully swimming oceans, hacking through jungles, and scaling castle walls in order to find you.

The awesome thing is that there are MANY guys who might fit the description of (eventual) soul mate for you.

Your task is to weed out the men who don’t really match on enough fronts and find the ones who are willing to learn and grow and work things out together as you build love.

Problem #3. You aren’t actively moving your relationships forward

Once you’re actively dating, and you know that you’re looking for a basic match that you can build a beautiful love life with (not the Perfect Soulmate, Delivered Fully-Formed), the next hazard is not being active in the process.

Isn’t your long-term happiness worth being intentional about? Yes it is!

3 POWER MOVES to jumpstart your dating life

I know, you *could* just look at the three problems listed above, and boom, you’re on your way to fixing them right up.

You are such a smart chica. (Gorgeous, too.)

But! Would you believe it’s actually EASIER than that to jumpstart your dating life? Yep. Because the power moves have almost nothing to do with what you’re DOING, they’re more about how you’re THINKING…

And here they are:

  1. Know your GOALS in dating
  2. Know your general TIMELINE for those goals
  3. Be willing/able to COMMUNICATE those with your guy

You can get started by asking yourself the following questions…

Jumpstart Your Dating Life questions, set one:

  1. Are you willing to start by dating casually, maintaining your reserve, and just “seeing what’s out there”?
  2. For how long? A year? Six months? Six weeks?

Knowing this helps you figure out how much energy you need to put into dating.

Jumpstart Your Dating Life questions set two:

Let’s say you’ve narrowed it down a bit, and have two or three guys you’re really interested in…

  1. Is your next goal to become exclusive with one man?
  2. Are you willing to have a conversation with him about it?
  3. How long will you wait and work for clarity about exclusivity?
  4. And how long will you continue dating a man once it’s clear he’s not interested in the same things you are?

Jumpstart Your Dating Life questions set three:

Maybe you’re already in an exclusive (neither of you is dating anyone else) relationship.

  1. Is your next goal to become engaged or married?
  2. How soon?

The point is to KNOW what you want. Then you can be active in working toward that goal, rather than waiting and hoping things will just sort of “come together” without your direct effort.

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xoxo Claire

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  1. Thanks Claire! was beginning to feel as if my dating life is forever doomed!! haha

    • Claire Casey


      You know that can NEVER be true, so long as you keep on loving yourself and shining, sparkling, and glowing the way you do. 🙂

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