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5 Affirmations for a Nourishing, Healthy Sexuality

Radiantly healthy sexuality doesn’t just happen; it’s built up carefully and intentionally over time…

Here are 5 simple and beautiful affirmations you can use to center your thoughts and claim the healthy sexuality that is your birthright.

Affirmation #1

I am a beautiful, radiant woman. I am wonderfully, miraculously made and the positive energy of the universe flows through me. I have so much love to offer the world.

Affirmation #2

I am deeply grateful for my sexuality. It’s not like anyone else’s in the world. It is uniquely mine, as special and beautiful as I am. I resist comparing my sexuality with the needs and pleasures of others. I am confident and grateful for the way I am.

Affirmation #3

When I encounter a blockage within the positive flow of my sexual energy, I gently and willingly work to clear it.

Affirmation #4

I maintain healthy sexual boundaries, and don’t invest the whole of my heart or body outside those boundaries. I work to build trust with my partner so that he is aware of my needs and desires just as I learn his own.

Affirmation #5

I am open to giving and receiving unconditional love.

Healthy Sexuality Arises from Good Self-Esteem

Your sexuality is intricately tied to all of the other areas of your life, and is deeply rooted in your own self-esteem.

Nothing is more important than how you feel and think about yourself, beautiful woman. And the key to learning to deeply value the woman you are (and are becoming!) is in positive self-talk and great self-care.

The more care you take with building your self-esteem, the more your life will feel simpler and lighter, and the more inner stability you’ll have. You’ll be happier, soulshine!

And a fabulous side benefit? It makes you incredibly attractive to the people around you!

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