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How to Get More Oral Pleasure

Why is it that women want more oral sex, but aren’t getting it?

Because according to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, half of the guys surveyed had received it, but only a third of the women had.

You want your man to go downtown, right? Here’s what’s holding him back, AND what you can do to help him give you more oral pleasure down there, starting tonight.

1. He doesn’t know it’s what you want.

Here’s the naked (hah) truth: Sometimes a woman does NOT want a guy down there, this time. Maybe it’s too close to that week of the month, maybe you haven’t showered today, whatever.

So when he headed that way recently, you cut him off at the pass. Now he’s not sure whether you’re into oral at all.

The simple, sexy solution:

Use your words, girlfriend. Sometimes you want it, sometimes you don’t. Don’t make him guess! Instead, tell him outright. It doesn’t have to feel weird; something like, “I hope you’re going to kiss me a little bit down here first…”

How to get even MORE oral:

Be SURE to follow up the activity with plenty of sincere praise. “Mmm, you are amazing at going down. I can’t wait to feel all those incredible sensations again.”

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2. He’s over-eager for the main event.

I know it will be a shock to you, but guys want to get it in. They can be so focused on sliding themselves into your silkiest woman parts that they forget that what makes it extra mind-blowing is all the incredibly arousing things you can do together before the main event.

The simple, sexy solution:

Educate him, darling. Trust me, he’ll love it. Try this: “Not just yet, big boy. First I’m going to need you to kiss me all over, especially here… If you do a good job, then we’ll see if we can’t find you a good reward.”

How to get even MORE oral:

Be vocal in your reactions! (“Oh, yes, exactly like that!”) There’s very little that excites a man more than a woman who is being aroused by what he’s doing to her.

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3. He’s not positioned comfortably.

It can be awkward and uncomfortable if you’re not positioned well. His chin is digging into the bed or his neck is strained. Be willing to take the time to set both of you up to be ultra-comfy for this special treat, and you’ll not only make him that much more happy doing it, but he’ll go longer for you, too.

The simple, sexy solution:

If you can put some pillows under your hips, or have him kneel on the side of the bed (a pillow under his knees helps if you have hard floors) he can get a bit more comfortable as he pleasures you.

How to get even MORE oral:

Why limit yourself to the bed? Consider other places (a counter or table, with your feet on chairs; an overstuffed armchair with him on a rug in front of you, etc.) that would let him be in a comfortable position while you get the best oral sex of your life.

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The hottest night of lovemaking EVER…

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lovemakingThe answers tell a VERY DIFFERENT story about what men really want, what they say makes a woman “great in bed,” and what really, really drives them crazy between the sheets than anything you’ve ever read before.

(Hint: it’s NOT about clothing, or threesomes, or anything embarrassing… it’s a bit of a “reverse” shocker, actually.)

→ Keep his sexual fire for YOU alive forever

Turns out the “common wisdom” in fashion magazines at the grocery store check-out line is pretty much completely (thankfully) wrong…!

Don’t forget: Men are highly visual, so…

SHOW him how much you love when he goes down.

Make sure there’s a light on for him (candle, twinkle lights, lava lamp, night light) and let him look up and see you with your head thrown back in ecstasy, your body writhing as a result of his intimate oral attention.

Show him you’re incredibly fresh and ready. Take a shower (let him watch or help), keep your lady parts trimmed and tidy, and even consider making some creative changes (brazilian runway, anyone?) once in a while.

I have one girlfriend who likes to write little messages for her man in marker near her happy parts, just to encourage him and get his repeat oral performances. She writes messages like “Lucky you!” or “All yours” make him grin and get right to work… Worth considering, right?

xoxo Claire

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