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7 Secrets to Passionate Kissing

Is there anything more fabulous than a great kiss? When it’s good, it’s enough to make you break all your rules. When it’s bad, there are almost never any second chances…

Take a look at the 7 secrets to passionate kissing below, and see which ones you have going for you, and which ones you still need to “practice”…

Mmm, yes. Practice. Like on Brad Pitt. 🙂

“I love it when a man gives me light, butterfly kisses; all over, not just my mouth. Face, eyelids, jawline, neck. It makes me shivery just to think about it.”  — Felice R.

“I love when my boyfriend and I get into a deep, wet, passionate tongue battle. Nothing better than French kissing in my book.”  — Amy

1. Be prepared

Be fresh and clean. Gobs of lip gunk are not cool. And if it’s a first date, skip the coffee. Latte kisses are fine for later in a relationship, but if possible, you want that first one to be you at your purest.

2. Tease first

Most women aren’t likely to plunge into a kiss like a deep-sea diver. The best kisses are the ones that grow from teasing, light brushes and gentle explorations…

“I like when we’re just kissing lightly and kind of breathing each other’s air, gentle and intimate.”  — Taylor

3. Choose your moves

There are so many to employ! So kiss, nip, nibble, suck, lick, and breathe against your lover’s skin.

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Wanna REALLY blow his mind?

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4. Think beyond the lips

As in face, neck, and collarbone… ahhhh, yes, you’ve got it.

5. Engage your hands

If your relationship is still new, remember to let your kiss be the star of the show, not your hands. Use your hands as supporting actors, brushing against your partner’s back and shoulders, stroking the back of their neck or along their jaw.

“You can tell SO much from a first kiss. This can be the deciding factor on whether or not I’ll go out with a guy again.”  — Elaine

6. Gradually learn your partner’s favorite form and flavor

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to kissing. What are their favorite desires and inclinations? How can you cater to them?

7. When you have NO idea what to do…

Simple is sexy. You don’t have to come across as an experienced sexual siren on your very first kissing explorations with a new man. Start it soft and gentle, and let your body’s responses guide you.

“Kissing is definitely a part of foreplay for me. I’m not sure why more men have not figured that out…”  — Angela

ACC Branded FB Kisses

Wait, did you think we were finished? No article on kissing is complete until girlfriends dish on our kissing disasters. Because yep, we’ve had ’em…

5 Disastrous Kissing Styles

Kissing style and ability can make or break a relationship. Have you encountered any of the following bad kissing styles in your dating experience?

“I’m not a huge fan of what I call ‘lizard kisses,’ where a guy just sticks his tongue in your mouth over and over again…”  — Ebony

  • The Suffocator — This guy isn’t thinking about his partner, because he just keeps smushing and blocking your nose and/or never taking a break for breathing.
  • The Lizard — Yikes. This bad kisser can’t stop sticking his tongue straight in, over and over again.
  • The Slobber Fountain — Ew. Ever dated a guy who made you want to wipe your face off between kisses?
  • The Bored Chicken — There may be nothing worse than a guy who give you repeated dry pecks all over. Is he bored? Why does he keep pecking at you like that?
  • The Octopus — Okay, no this one is worse. His only setting is “full suction.”

Your turn!

Have a kissing tip, preference, or story (good, bad, or funny) to share? Leave a comment below and let’s dish, girlfriend!

xoxo Claire

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