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QUIZ: 7 Things Every Fabulous Woman Knows and Does

Here’s another fun quiz for you, and this time it’s all about the incredible way a fabulous woman lives her life…

Take the Fabulous Woman Quiz

For each question, give yourself a score of 1 (I don’t do this) to 5 (I got it down!). Then you can check out the results of your Fabulous Woman Quiz at the very end.

1. A fabulous woman sets goals for the things in life she dreams of, and makes a few small steps forward every day toward those goals.

You never give up on Team You, even if you have kids, a man you adore, or if you’re in a demanding job. You nourish your own soul by working toward your dreams.

“I would never have survived this long in my marriage without kickboxing! I love to compete, and I need something that’s just for me, that makes me feel like the empowered, successful woman I am trying to be.” – Tanya

Score yourself 1 (I don’t do this at all) to 5 (I’m great at this!): ___

2. A fabulous woman has a strong social network of friends and mentors.

You know the difference between someone who is a casual acquaintance (or someone who SAYS they’re your friend but who really isn’t) and the ones who truly, deeply love you.

You stay in touch with these friends and mentors and maintain those relationships. Those connections are pure gold to you!

And you know that TRUE friends are those who have your best interest at heart.

“I just got engaged! I wasn’t sure we’d make it this far. We hit some serious problems early on and I almost gave up on our relationship, but my best friend in the world — who is also my aunt! — helped me see what exactly we needed to work on and supported me the whole way. She’s going to be the matron of honor at our wedding.”  – Amanda

Score yourself 1 (I don’t have friends I can truly rely on) to 5 (I have three to five very reliable, loving friends): ___

3. A fabulous woman loves herself!

You not only treat yourself well, you believe with all your heart that you deserve to be treated well by others, and you behave accordingly. You don’t stick around negative people, or those who constantly work to tear you down.

Loving yourself also means doing what it takes to keep yourself healthy, body and soul. You work to maintain your health, no matter what size you are.

“My ex was a man who absolutely didn’t treat me well. I felt like he was always criticizing or telling me how I needed to change to suit him better. He was something of a bully actually. But now, four years later, I’m starting to understand that I didn’t have enough self-respect in those days, or I never would have let a man treat me like that.” – Adrianna

Score yourself 1 (I don’t love myself very well) to 5 (I’m great at this!): 

4. A fabulous woman knows what makes her feel loved.

Your love language might be physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, or having someone spend quality time with you.

Even if you have more than one love language, you’ll find that one of them is at the very top of your needs.

A quick way to get an idea of your own love language is to think about what you do most to make others feel good. You probably do that because that’s the thing YOU most appreciate.

When you know what makes you feel loved, you can communicate that to your man so that HE can fill your love bank, too.

Score yourself 1 (I don’t know my love language) to 5 (I know what makes me feel loved AND I can communicate that well): ___

5. A fabulous woman is a good communicator.

Even (maybe especially) for the really tough issues. There are several factors that go into this, and you can see them all on THIS post: 7 Keys to Great Communication

“You wrote recently about the power of a “soft start” when bringing up really touchy subjects with your spouse, and I discovered that this ONE thing makes ALL the difference… We don’t feel like we’re fighting so much now.” — Kaitlyn

Score yourself 1 (I’m terrible at communicating in a way that gets good results.) to 5 (I’m great at this!): ___

6. A fabulous woman knows she make mistakes, and she takes responsibility for them.

You’ve been wrong before, and you’ll be wrong again. But you accept that as part of life, and rather than saying to yourself “I screwed up again; I’m a loser,” you say “Hey, I learned something from that, and now things will be better.”

You know how to apologize effectively when you hurt someone else, too.

Score yourself 1 (I don’t do this well) to 5 (I’m great at this!): ___

7. A fabulous woman is willing to work for the important things in life.

You know the great relationships don’t “just happen,” just as you understand that most good things won’t just be handed to you, but that you have to work for them. You’re okay with that, and (most days, anyway) you’re willing to do what it takes.

Score yourself 1 (I don’t do this at all) to 5 (I’m great at this!): ___

Add up your score. How did you do?

A score of 30-35:

Awesome! You are the kind of woman who is mature and focused on your success in life. This doesn’t mean you don’t have blind spots, but you probably have a good idea of what those are, and you’re working on them the best you can. Way to go, gorgeous. You’re shining like the full moon on a summer night.

A score of 25-29:

Okay, you have a few rough areas in your life and now you know where to start working to build yourself up to your potential. You’re an oak tree that hasn’t yet come into its full power and beauty, but you’re still growing. You deserve every bit of the life you dream of, beautiful. Don’t let anything or anyone prevent you from going after it!

A score of 24 or below:

You have work to do, and the good news is that everybody else in the universe is working to grow and thrive too. Maybe you have some deeply painful soul injuries that need some healing time, or major life hurdles to clear. How can you begin today to move out of the shade and into the sunshine that will help you grow?

Want to add your input or share your score?

Leave me a comment below, and join the conversation!

xoxo Claire

15 comments on “QUIZ: 7 Things Every Fabulous Woman Knows and Does

  1. I scored a 27.

    • Claire Casey

      Not too shabby, Susan! Now the trick is to know what specific areas you’re working on, so that you can make a plan to polish up your fabulous. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

    • I scored a 27..,.Im still a bit unsure of my own actions! Wanting that special guy but seeming to settle a Once and awhile for the not so good version. I have grown up in the past year having to face a lot of issues on all levels. I’m hoping that I can meet that one that wants me for me and that we can support each other. I have started to learn what I need for the first time in my life it’s not about what he needs! Thanks Casey!

    • Thank you Claire! I scored 24 not too good. My biggest hurdle at the moment is financial and the mother of children who have flown the nest. Have burnt some bridges, which is good and realised where I have gone wrong and how to improve, but I have no control over a dead-beat economy.

  2. 24
    Your description hits it right on the head. I absolutely have work do do and I’m diligently working on it. I have a lot of deep, deep wounds that still need attention and healing. I have been working with one particular counselor for 3 years and have made a lot of progress.

    I was sexually abused by my grandfather from a very early age (probably 2) until his death when I was 6. He took my innocence, my dignity and my power. My parents did little to protect me and pretty much looked the other way. I also lived in a verbally and emotionally abusive household. My father was/is narcissistic and my mother spent most of her time trying to make him happy. My mother died when I was 11 leaving me all alone to fend for myself against my father and two older brothers who followed my father’s abusive lead.

    Basically, I spent my whole life enduring whatever abuse came my way – and there was plenty growing up and with 3 marriages, 3 divorces and other dysfunctional relationships. I am finally learning to set healthy boundaries and take my power and dignity back. Better late than never!

    I have spilled my guts to my father. At 87 he isn’t likely to make any huge changes, but I can see that he is trying. For that I give him credit and I am at peace with our relationship. My brothers are another story. I honestly don’t like them and don’t care if we ever reconcile.

    Processing old wounds is extremely hard work! There are so many things that I have not allowed myself to acknowledge. Some days I take baby steps and some days I take giant leaps. Revelations can be difficult, but at the same time exciting because until something is revealed and acknowledged, I can’t let it go. And I really want to let it all go.

    Ahhhhh…. deep breath.

    Life is a journey and even if it takes the rest of my life to get the healing I deserve, I’m going for it. All along the way I will celebrate victories of all sizes. I may not have had the beginning I deserved, but each day I’m better than I was the day before.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all sunshine and light! I have my share of rough patches and days when I think it’s not worth it. But deep down I know that when I get through it, I will be that much closer to my goal.

    I didn’t really mean to spill all of this, but it was therapeutic for me and maybe it will help someone else as a bonus. So as they say: thanks for letting me share!

    • Claire Casey

      Wow, this is incredibly painful and powerful to read, Wilma. You sound like a woman who has decided to refuse to allow some profound injuries to stop her from becoming the woman she dreams of being.

      I’m impressed that you’ve figured out a way to make at least a little bit of peace with your father. And not only that, but you’re also continuing to rebuild your own heart. SO glad you are getting the help you need!

      Here’s to tiny steps, giant leaps forward, and even the blessing of times on the couch where just about all you can do is breathe and promise yourself that tomorrow will be a new day.

      Love, hugs, and peace your way, beautiful. So glad you took the time to share a bit of your journey.

      • Thanks Claire! I’ll let you know when my book comes out so you can read the whole thing. lol Just kidding… sort of. I do want to write a book one day – not to spot light the abuse, but the healing and finding contentment throughout the journey.

        I was just looking at my individual scores and realized that while I don’t have any 5’s (yet), I don’t have any 1’s or even 2’s either. At least I know what a boundary is now. There was a time that not only I didn’t have any, but I didn’t even know what they were. I am encouraged!

        And ladies…. we should all be encouraged! After all, we took the time to read the post, take the quiz and post our results.

  3. My score was 20 but i’m willing to take a step but please just a step at a time

    • Claire Casey

      Hi, ade — Lots of us have been there at some point in our lives. And there’s no shame in it, it’s just a matter (like you said) of one small step at a time. Don’t let it overwhelm you; just pick a spot to begin and promise yourself that you deserve it. Because you do! Much love, ade. You got this.

  4. 29

    With my divorce I did a clean sweep of all the negative and unsupportive people in my life. People don’t like change, tough bye-bye. This freed up a lot of time and head space for the positive things in life.. I have very few close friends, my closest friend and two other trustworthy friends died in the last two years. I’m grateful for the friends who’ve stepped up and proven themselves trustworthy. I am very slow to trust and consider someone a friend. It takes years to build friendships, I am only now there.

    My other low score is communication. I say it. Mature reasonably stable, honest adults appreciate the boldness spoken in a polite respectful manner. Passive-aggressive game players tend to blow themselves up and those who do not respect boundaries do not hear my No when spoken politely.

    I may not be all the way there yet, but I’m farther along than I was yesterday, last month, a year ago, 4, 5 years ago. Life is good with surprise blessings around every corner. We have to get up and walk to find them.

  5. Laurence

    Great quiz! After my divorce, I worked hard to (re)discover what a fabulous woman I was. I also took responsibility for my mistakes and I constantly work to be a better person. A lot of my friends and people I know tell me that I am amazing but sometimes we are our worst enemy and don’t quite believe it. Thanks for the confirmation! 😉

  6. Scored 31
    Ive been divorced for 11 years now and have devoted my time to my son during those years. He is now 17 and just completed his Junior year…. No support from his father. I had a lot of work to do on myself after being cheated on during my marriage. I met a man about a year ago and we are taking things slowly ….. Both scared of the “L” word and are becoming the best of friends and lovers !!!!! We tell each other everything !!!!! I still have a lot to work on with some insecurities but share with him when I’m insecure or doubting and he is too !!!!

  7. I scored a 29..I know I need help n some areas. I don’t have any friends cuz every time I did, they ran off n cheated with my bf or ex husband..my current husband does a lot for me but doesn’t give me intimacy much..he does everything with me n hardly separate but seems controlling at times..plz help

  8. Well Claire, I barely made it with a score of 30. I have a few areas in my life I need to work on.
    I always say if you can see it happening in your mind that you can achieve it.

    • Claire Casey

      Hey, Diane, — I love your strong, positive attitude! And you’re right: when you can envision your goal clearly, you know exactly where you’re headed and what you need. Take a few little steps every day toward your goal and before you know it, you will have enacted positive change and growth!

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