QUIZ: Is Your BFF a Drama Queen?

is your bff a drama queen

Do you suspect your BFF is a drama queen, and probably not good for you?

Before you can break free from a toxic relationship with a drama queen, you have to be able to NAME it as a toxic relationship.

Take the 10-question true/false quiz below. This may save you YEARS of misery…

QUIZ: Is My BFF a Drama Queen?

  1. When she fights with friends or lovers, there’s a lot of screaming and crying involved.
  2. When you are pouring your heart out to her, she tends to respond with an even bigger story about herself.
  3. She is super picky. Every tiny detail matters, and if something isn’t right, she definitely lets people know.
  4. When she has a bad day, she tends to think that her entire life is a mess, not just the day.
  5. It doesn’t bother her to completely change the story or mangle the truth based on how intently people are (or aren’t) listening and how caught up they seem.
  6. When her boyfriend doesn’t text her back, she starts thinking “What an unfeeling jerk. Maybe this relationship is really over.” (She tends to burn through a lot of relationships.)
  7. She loves to be the hero, the black sheep, the star, the comedian — no matter what the role is, she wants it to be a LEADING role.
  8. She describes every bad thing that happens, no matter how small, as a disaster of epic proportions.
  9. She is extremely sensitive to every little thing someone says, going over and over it with you to figure out why they would hate her so much.
  10. She demands a lot of attention, and as a result your relationship feels one-sided. After you spend time with her you feel exhausted, guilty, or angry.

Scoring your BFF

If you answered “yes” to 4 or more of the questions, she’s a drama queen, and this may not be a good relationship for you to be in.

I know, it’s incredibly hard to break off a toxic relationship. Here’s a new article for you on exactly that subject…

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