Is It Too Soon To Tell Him I Want to Get Married?

tell him I want to get married

There comes a time in every dating relationship where you have to make some extremely scary decisions. Are you willing to leave things as they are, or risk ruining them by taking a giant step forward toward commitment and marriage?

How can you tell him “I want to get married” without scaring him off? And how soon is too soon?

“Hi Claire, I’ve been a fan of yours for over a year now, since purchasing Capture His Heart! Now, to my dilemma: My boyfriend Tom and I are 9 months into a dating relationship. We’re both in our 50s, and he has been married before. Dating him has been mostly wonderful, especially during those first 6 months. In the beginning, he showered me with attention (texts, mostly), but lately, not so much. I’m becoming less certain where, on his list of priorities, I fall. I continue to stay busy with my own extracurricular activities but in my heart, I long to spend more time with Tom. I want to feel that we are moving forward and growing in this relationship, but at this juncture, I seem to only be questioning it. Claire, how can I tell him I want to get married? Is it too soon? I don’t want to scare him away! How can I make him aware that I desire to move this relationship forward, and be a priority in his life? (I have recently expressed to him that he’s a priority in mine). I’m concerned that with all that he has on his already full plate, that it may leave less time to focus on us, and give us the chance to grow toward a commitment. Thank you so much, Claire, for all your words of wisdom, and inspiration!” – Maureen

Thanks so much for the kind words, Maureen. I have a loooong answer for you, but I think you’ll find some good things here…

Win his love with this Devotion Sequence...!How long are you willing to wait to ask?

FIRST, you need to know your own timeline for this. How long are you willing to wait to find out whether this fantastic man is the one who will commit to you for real, for the long term? I’m not saying what’s your timeline for the wedding date, I’m just asking how long you’re willing to wait to ASK him about this. Every woman has a different timeline, and it’s not something you just throw out a number for arbitrarily. It’s only been 9 months so far. Are you willing to wait until you’ve been together a year to have a conversation about this? Two years? Let me give you a little more info here. It sounds to me like the first blush of “falling in love” is over. Now the two of you are looking down the long stretch of the hard work of real love.

The power struggle stage of a relationship

It will take work to get the two of you from stage one (falling in love) to stage two. Stage two of a long-term relationship is kind of a power struggle, where you’re both working to figure out how the two of you will stick together for the long term. This is where you learn to communicate together, manage your differences, and figure out how to get through conflict together. By the way, stage three of a relationship is stability. Doesn’t that sound lovely? It is, but it takes – you guessed it – a lot of struggle and work to get there. And AFTER that comes the kind of deep commitment you see in long-term marriages.

Don’t be too afraid to ask the question, because this sounds like an awesome man and the two of you aren’t in your 20s; you’ve been through plenty of stuff and you both know that real love and real life involve discipline, compromise, sacrifice… All those things. The ONLY way to find out how he feels and whether he’s interested in working toward the kind of future together that you dream of is to ask him, right? And it doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, the conversation can be filled with hope and love. Here’s what I mean.

write your scriptHow to create your script in advance

I don’t think it’s “fake” in any way to start thinking about exactly what words you want to use to raise this subject with him. In fact, if you DIDN’T think this through, I would say you’re being irresponsible and not taking it seriously enough. These kinds of conversations are pivotal and important; they deserve your careful attention. Now, to the actuals…

1. Open by describing him.

“Tom, you are an amazing man.” Be specific, name 2 or 3 special things about him.

2. Lead in by sharing how the relationship has made you feel.

Now name some of the wonderful ways you have experienced the two of you being together.

3. Describe the future you envision.

You need to describe the dream to him in a way that makes it clear it’s YOUR dream. Don’t use his name; instead allow him to envision that mystery man being HIM and only him. This is the tricky part, so let me give you specifics. You can adapt it. “I want to be able to wake up every day to the man I love. I’d like to be there for him when he needs me, and know that he is there for me no matter what I’m facing. I enjoy having a boyfriend, but I don’t want to have a boyfriend – even one as marvelous as you – forever. I want to get married one day. Not right now, but in the next few years.”Want a relationship? Try this "Devotion Sequence"

4. Invite him to share what HE wants for the future.

It’s critical that you get the right mindset here. You simply want to know what he desires for his future. You already know what YOU want, but the real mystery here is what he wants.

If he doesn’t know what he wants…

That’s really got to be okay with you. This is his heart we’re talking about, not yours. So if he says he isn’t sure, invite him to think about it and ask him if you can talk about it again next week (or next month, you can choose your own timeline, or ask him to tell you his). Then you need to find a good, non-stressful time and place to ask him if he’s thought about it, and keep making tiny steps forward. Each time you do this you are going to get more information. Is he willing to do this hard work with me?

If he reacts interestedly…

It’s entirely possible that he will be very open to hearing you, and thinking about what you want. It’s up to you to keep the ball from being dropped, though. If you REALLY want to be married, and you know your general timeline for that, keep taking baby steps forward.

If he reacts negatively…

This isn’t cause for a screaming match. Or crying, or begging and pleading. It’s simply the first part of an honest struggle. He may already KNOW that he doesn’t want a long-term commitment like marriage and he hasn’t communicated it with you because he hopes to keep things like they are. Now you know, and you can get started thinking about how you’ll respond. He may simply react negatively because he’s scared. You can work with that. Invite him to share some of his fears, because fears should be heard out, but they don’t have to be the last word. And the two of you can get help moving through them.

And remember: you get to decide what your life will look like

No matter what happens, you’re in charge of your own life. At some point you might want to break the “exclusivity” agreement the two of you have in order to move on with your life. You get to decide! My very best to you as you take the next step! You can do this, beautiful!

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xoxo Claire

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7 comments on “Is It Too Soon To Tell Him I Want to Get Married?

  1. Thank you Claire 🙂

  2. Hi. Well, I expressed to my bf of 9 months in nicer terms than I’m writing here (we’re in our 50s) that I felt hurt that i didn’t “rank enough” to merit a birthday present or date out or time together or any kind of anything on my birthday with my bf, but only a phone call to say happy birthday (not even a text) 3 months into our exclusive relationship (it’s the fact that i felt i wasn’t special to him and that birthday celebrations mean nothing to him that stings). Then i expressed to him that 7 months into our exclusive relationship (which had communication of texting more than anything which left me feeling disconnected and disengaged and like nothing more than an acquaintance) I felt hurt because we didn’t bother to exchange Christmas gifts (he said he doesn’t do Christmas gifts either because we’re grown adults and he doesn’t like holidays “he’s scared of holidays), then came valentines day 9 months into the relationship. When I talked about birthday and Christmas with him he said “valentines day is coming. ” guess what, it was on a Saturday, and I spent the entire day alone. At 8:46 pm he calls me (I didn’t answer) and leaves a voice mail happy valentines day. Really?! He said our being happy together is the best gift of all to him. I agree, and yet i felt left out and not important and not special to this man. I felt lonely and disconnected and not happy. I really didn’t know how he felt about me, he never said what i meant to him. He never talked of a future together, nothing. He said he “loked” me (again, really?? We’e not 16). What is loke i thought. It was then i felt my intuitiveness kick in and realized that this man I’m focusing my attention and time and sex on is just not long-term potential. I kind of felt all along and had the thought fleet through my mind a lot when I was with him, “this man will never be long term because he’s too damaged to commit because of his divorce 5 years ago after a bad 20-year marriage” which he emphatically stated to me in saying (I’m cautious because of what I went through with her.” That was 5 years ago, and I realize people have their own healing pace, but again, really? I just was concerned I’m once again investing my time and emotion into a man and relationship that was not going to arrive at the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Well, we had fun and got along beautifully, I didn’t harp on or berate him about these matters, but rather I simply shared with him how I felt only once per incident. Instead of him trying to connect more via phone conversation (we live 2 hours apart) texting continued. He did make the effort to call, yes, but when I didn’t carry the conversation there was silence. So I gently pressed just a little bit a week after valentines day because I wanted to see what he’d do (I wanted to know what i meant to him because he’d never tell me when I asked, he just evaded it continually, but the outcome would make it obvious what I meant to him). He said he cares about me but he feels we’re not comparable. BAM I said then there’s really no point in continuing this relationship, right? He said, well I didn’t say THAT. I said I want a partner I want to love and be loved, etc. So it’s over.

    • Claire Casey

      Hi, Doris

      That’s a painful story, and I’m sorry you’re hurting. But one thing I did think as I was reading is that “gifts” might be one of your love languages. That’s an important thing to know about yourself. I can tell special occasions are important to you, too. (They aren’t really that much to me, and my family and I also don’t do the birthday/etc gift exchanges.) This would be a good thing to communicate to the men who start to become special and close in your life.

      And one thing you might also try is getting the planning of special event (birthday, etc) celebrations started yourself, then invite your boyfriend’s participation after you already have the ball rolling. Like this:

      “Hey, I am putting together a fabulous birthday outing/gathering for my 50th next month. What do you think about [your fave place A] or [his fave place B]?”

      In other words, don’t wait around hoping for him to know or plan it — celebrate the way you love and deserve! And invite him to be a part of it. If he’s not interested, invite wonderful girlfriends, and be pleased that you have some additional information about how much this particular guy is or is not invested in you.

      And I have to agree with you — I’m not sure this particular guy is all that interested in a serious relationship… I hope you’re able to pick up your (somewhat bruised, I know) heart and start dating again. I know you won’t make the mistake of giving yourself energy and sparkle to a guy who will happily take it, but not reciprocate.

      xoxo Claire

  3. isabella

    Doris even I’m in my twenty something (27) my father pased by a similar situation. My mom and him had really difficult situations… Now he found a women who I guess makes him happy. And even my dad is a little stingy he makes an effort to be a gentleman with her… He doesn’t commit because she lives with a daughter and he lives with me and he isn’t good enough with another people. By the way, he spend a lot of time with her and everyday he picks her in her office. Soo… Gifts isn’t too important for me, maybe for him neither… But is important that a guy makes you feel loved and appreciated and makes you feel as a priority.

    My boyfriend is really quite and he never says anything about feelings, sometimes he did but is so rare. Until he shows me all his love with ACTIONS I WILL BE appreciate. Just a few months ago I realized that I have to put my attention on his actions and no complain and be so dramatic if he just say I love you a few times…. Is the way that people express feelings and its different in every person.

  4. I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 7 months now & its had its ups & downs, but the relationship has been amazing. We both know that we are committed & want to be together for as long as we are here in this life. I love him & I truly know that he loves me. I’m 30 years old; I feel like my time is running out & I sincerely want him to be my husband, to be the man that I wake up to forever. I’ve asked him what his view on marriage was before & he simply stated that he didn’t understand why ppl needed a piece of paper to validate their relationship; oh how its so much more than that, its every woman’s dream from childhood to be married. I know that this is the man I want to be with for the rest of my life; how can I make him see how important this is to me?

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