You are Magical and Amazing: 3 Affirmations to Celebrate Your Spirit

Maybe you need to step out of the relationship scene to come to terms with yourself. Have you spent your entire life being “someone’s girlfriend”?

Try enjoying life just being yourself.

Why? Because you’re magical and amazing.

There’s so much within you just waiting to be grown and shown to the universe.

Here are some affirmations for you that have nothing at all to do with any guy you may or may not be connected to; they’re simply all about refreshing YOUR soul, claiming YOUR worth, and reveling in all that makes YOU special…


1. I am a unique child of this world. I love and approve of myself.

2. I am the builder of my own life. I built the foundations, and I carefully choose the furnishings of the house of my soul.

3. My confidence soars; I know I have value to offer the world, and it feels wonderful to offer it. I am a powerhouse!

Don't forget to pass this on to another sister who needs to hear it... Just use the share buttons below. Now go have a fabulous day, you astonishing woman!

xoxo Claire

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