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17 Easy, Fun, Low-Pressure First Date Ideas

first date ideas

You like him, and you think he likes you… But he hasn’t made a move yet. Should YOU be the one to invite him on a first date? And WHAT KIND of date? (Because your choice can make or break a new relationship…)

“Hey Beautiful Claire! I have a friend I fell in love with. I think he knows but I still feel like a friend to him. Nothing romantic has happened, yet. Should I make a move on him? Should I ask him for a date?” — M.

There’s absolutely NO reason you shouldn’t casually invite him to coffee, or something simple. It’s absolutely critical that the very first outing be super low-pressure.

Keep your expectations light and stay the vibrant, pleasurable woman you already are (meaning, don’t try to be someone you think HE wants…).

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Here are 17 Low-Pressure First Date Ideas to Try

The goal here is to choose something simple, that doesn’t involve hours and hours of time spent together. You may ALSO not really want to be in a bar (although Trivia Night Dates are also fun).

  1. Walk and Ice Cream First Date. Invite him on a bike ride or walk that ends at a little ice cream parlor.
  2. Gaming or Arcade First Date! Scope out local places that have billiards, air hockey, pinball, foosball, or other arcade-style games.
  3. Board Game First Date. Find a non-crowded cafe that doesn’t mind if you take a fun, lighthearted board game to play. (Do some research on this one. You want something that only needs 2 players, and only takes 30 minutes or an hour to complete. Maybe Ticket to Ride, Takenoko, Exploding Kittens…)
  4. Bowling First Date. Pretty easy, no matter how awful you are at it. 😉
  5. Cooking Class First Date. Invite him to take a cooking or DIY project class with you. Nothing too “girly” or “arts-n-crafty” though.
  6. Volunteering First Date. Invite him to volunteer with you. Help a local group work on a house, serve a meal, or organize their pantry or thrift store.
  7. Live Music First Date. Invite him to see a local band play. It can be very small and informal, even an open-mic night!
  8. Comedy Show First Date. This one costs a little more, but this kind of first date can be really fun.
  9. Street Fair (or just Food Truck) First Date. Simple, engaging, easy.
  10. Zoo, Planetarium, or Museum First Date. These can be especially interesting if there’s a special animal on exhibit (a baby something!), a big upcoming celestial event, or a local artist being featured.
  11. Wine or Beer Tasting First Date. Invite him to a wine or beer tasting. You could even look for a vineyard tour.
  12. Boat Show First Date. What kinds of exhibitions or shows are being held near you? Wooden boat show, antique car show, minerals and crystals show, etc…
  13. Coffee and Scone Date. Invite him for coffee and baked goods at a really good patisserie. (This one is so standard it’s nearly a cliche. But it absolutely works! Always a good choice, girlfriend.)
  14. Watch the Sunset Date. If it doesn’t feel overly romantic for a first date, find a good place to watch the sunset together.
  15. Flea Market Strolling First Date! You might even find a dusty, rusty, fun “treasure”…
  16. Psychic Reading First Date. Not for everyone, for certain, but still could be interesting, right? DON’T ask about romantic futures, okay?
  17. Bookstore Date. With coffee and a pastry? (This is STILL one of my all-time favorites, but it’s getting harder to find bookstores!

I bet you have ideas flowing now! Brewery tour, botanical garden walk, donut shop dates… Enjoy yourself, shining woman!

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When you truly know how to “flirt with men,” you hold in your hands the key to his heart…

AND the key to the hearts of all the OTHER men who WISH they were in your world!

xoxo Claire

PS: If you try this out, you may find yourself in the enviable position of being able to choose between TWO MEN.

Have fun, girlfriend!

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