The Committed Relationship Guide: What To Do When You’re Not Sure Where He Stands

You know that you want a long-term, committed relationship. But you’re not sure what he wants, or whether the two of you have a future together. Here’s how to know for sure…

Sugar girl, I get more emails about commitment issues than any other subject.

“Dear Claire, I’m committed, but I’m not sure about him…”

“Hey Claire, I am so tired of waiting for him to commit. It’s been 3 years now!”

“Claire, can you help me figure out how to know where I stand in this relationship? I’m not sure if he’s committed or not.”

Commitment is tough nut to crack, so I’m putting together a link roundup of the top 4 articles that help you build, troubleshoot, and sustain a long-term committed relationship.

Bookmark this page and let it be your go-to Committed Relationship guidebook!

You got this, fierce heart.

How to GET STARTED building a committed relationship

Yes, you’ve been dating him, but before you can know where the two of you stand, first you need to know very precisely what YOU want in the relationship.

In the article linked below, I will show you

  • How to figure out your dating timeline
  • The best way to share your timeline with him (with scripts!) in a STRESS-FREE way
  • How you can easily invite his ideas and thoughts
  • What to say (with a script!) and do if he says, “I’m not ready for a committed relationship.”

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You’re gonna ROCK this one, you gorgeous thing.

How to SOLVE the #1 PROBLEM in a committed relationship

One of the primary reasons people stick together and enjoy a lifetime of intimacy and togetherness is because:

  • Both of you have figured out what – specifically! – makes you feel loved
  • You have learned to communicate those things to your partner
  • You DO those things for each other

In the article linked below, I’ll show you how to figure out exactly what makes you feel MOST LOVED…

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One day you’ll look into the worn, smiling face of the love of your life and realize: THIS is what makes a committed relationship. And we did it.

How to support the LONG-TERM SUCCESS of a committed relationship

Here’s one more committed relationship gift (really two gifts in one) that should tie everything together for you with a giant, shiny bow. By now you should recognize some of the themes…

If it started out like a fairy tale and lost it’s sparkle along the way, you need a tip sheet on these three powerful love ingredients:

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AND, this next article should also help both of you get further down the road of commitment:

READ: How to have the “next step of commitment” conversation (with scripts!)

There’s nothing more beautiful than this much love in the universe. And you deserve so, so much of it!

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2 comments on “The Committed Relationship Guide: What To Do When You’re Not Sure Where He Stands

  1. Nancy Shultz

    Dear claire,

    I am interested in a man, but not sure he is interested in me. I catch him looking at me when we are in the same vicinity. What can I do to get him to come and start talking to me.

    • Claire Casey

      Hi Nancy, thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

      Why not open a conversation with him? That’s the best way to begin. I know it’s a little nerve-wracking, but it could lead someplace really fun and wonderful. Try it and let me know how it goes!


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