“He’s Angry All The Time!” How to Handle an Angry Boyfriend

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Very few couples go the distance without stresses, problems, and difficulties. But what if you feel like you are dealing with a constantly angry boyfriend?

Will he ALWAYS be this way? And what can you do about it?

“Claire, my boyfriend is so grumpy and angry all the time! I try to be patient, loving, and positive, but I think I’m nearing the end of my tolerance. Today, I thought it would be a relief if he broke up with me. I think it may be time to go.” — J.

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Hi J. I’m so sorry for all the stress and misery you’ve been through.

I’ve written once before about how to deal with a MOODY or RUDE boyfriend, so while I have some very specific steps for you below, you might also get some help out of these:

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Meanwhile, if you want to KEEP your relationship, I think you will have to have a very clear and serious conversation with your angry boyfriend about what’s going on for you.

Here are 7 important guidelines for having a conversation with an angry boyfriend:

1. Wait.

Don’t start the conversation with an angry boyfriend while EITHER of you feels overwhelmed, grouchy, or mad. You’ll have a much better shot at success if you wait, and choose a good moment to talk.

2. While you’re waiting, care.

You may have to let a day or two pass before you get your chance to talk with your angry boyfriend. Meanwhile, behave with compassion toward yourself and toward him.

7 words every woman fears3. Curb the temptation to trash talk.

It’s soooo easy to call up a girlfriend and blast him to bits. ONLY do this if your gf is a trustworthy, emotionally mature confidante. Don’t do it if you already know your private drama is going to make the gossip rounds.

4. Pick your moment, and craft your words carefully.

Think about this in advance! Write out a couple of short lines that distill down the issue you’re having so that you can check it for truth and clear it of emotional bombs.

5. Don’t allow other (possibly related) grudges to creep in.

If you have NOT been taking care of your issues as they arise, you may have old unresolved issues that suddenly show up in the conversation. Agree to table those and deal with them separately if you can.

Otherwise the two of you have more than you can handle in one conversation, and you risk things getting out of control.

6. Listen.

Yes, you have something you need to say, but you also need to hear what HE has to say.

7. Keep working at it.

You may not solve your issue in one go. (Most people don’t!) So be willing to keep chipping away at it until you both get some resolution and relief.

If your angry boyfriend wants to keep you, he will need to take YOUR emotional exhaustion seriously.

But if you’ve already tried that (maybe over and over again), it’s time to get outside help. And if that STILL doesn’t work, then you may be right: could be time to go.

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