This is You, Letting Go of Anxiety So You Can Breathe Again, Beautiful One

letting go of anxiety

Here’s how to stop feeling like you’re spiraling down ever deeper into chaos, and find a healing place for your mind, body, and heart.

This is you, letting go of anxiety.

Before you scroll any further, breathe through these 5 thoughts…

I am on a holy and magical journey of life and love.

I have power in my own life.

I acknowledge the overwhelm — the work, the relationships, the anxieties, and all the rest — and I calmly set them to the side for the next 10 minutes.

I will spend the next 10 minutes moving out from in front of the wave of overwhelm, and safely onto soft, sparkling sand again.

I am letting go of anxiety. I am worth this.

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Now, gently put aside your pacifiers (food/alcohol, sex, work, shopping, etc)

Your soul is crying out for “something more” and you’re trying like mad to find the “something more” that will soothe it.

Take a moment to name your pacifiers — food, booze, work, whatever they are — and resolve to put them aside for just a bit. So you can see, hear, and think more clearly.

You deserve this. Now…

1. Write it down

That stuff that’s crowding your head, your heart, your soul? Write it down.

Making a list gets the whirlpool of anxiety that’s churning in your head OUT of there, and on your paper, which does something entirely magical: It’s all suddenly under YOUR control.

You can re-order the list, divide it into categories, prioritize it.

You can draw doodly things all over it. Waves, circles, sunshines, hearts.

Look at you, letting go of anxiety! This is a holy activity, I promise you. Making a list is art and beauty and power and it will help you begin.

2. Ask “What is most important for me?”

You’re trying to solve/address/do too many things at once, brave soul.

Ask yourself “What is most important for me?” so that you can prioritize.

Or try this one: “How do I want to feel?”

And then create a plan for how you can work your way toward that feeling.Letting Go of Anxiety

Keep it very, very simple, beautiful. And after you wear out all the ideas or stuck thoughts in your head, let your answer be something involving LOVE.

3. Walk your inner boundaries

Here are the 9 inner soul boundaries you can borrow from me, if you aren’t sure what yours should be:

  1. I am following my life plan.
  2. I know what makes me feel loved.
  3. I take care of myself, always.
  4. I share my deepest heart with my inner circle only.
  5. I deal with the important things as they arise.
  6. I have a voice, and I can use it well. (communicate clearly, beautiful one.)
  7. I am not here to heal you.
  8. I have my own best interest at heart.
  9. I don’t cling to toxic people or relationships.

You are safe, dear one. This is the soft and beautiful feeling of letting go of anxiety.

4. Reduce the noise

You are deeply sensitive to too much input.

Email, news reports, weather reports, television, internet, radio, the demands of work, home, and friends.

It’s no wonder you are struggling with letting go of anxiety.

What can you do to reduce the noise in your life? Where can you create pools of silence, or space for meditation or centered breathing?

5. Ask for help, and accept it

There really are people in your life who will help you, and who want to help you. Who are they? What can you do today to reach out?

Your anxiety will begin to retreat the moment your true friend wraps her arms around you.

And don’t just ask for help, ACCEPT help, beautiful soul.

6. Practice gratitude

When the anxiety and overwhelm hit you like a tidal wave, create a tiny space of solid ground by naming the things you are grateful for in your otherwise deeply distressing situation.

You’re not denying the true pain, just naming something besides the dark side.

This may be the single most important thing you can do.

Create clear healing space in your life and heart

The constant clatter and demands in your head can keep you from getting still, finding your center, and recovering the woman you are and were meant to be.

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xoxo Claire

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