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Finding a True Soulmate (Who is Also a Millionaire)

attracting a millionaire soulmate

“Dear Claire, I am undergoing a separation as there were character issues with my ex-husband. I have a 5 year old daughter, and I want to resettle with a perfect soulmate who can support me personally and professionally and is a millionaire. How to find such one?” — Priya

Thanks for your email, Priya. I’m sorry your marriage is breaking up; I know that’s intensely painful. And it makes me understand a little bit your desire to have everything “perfect” the next go-round.

If you set your sights on a millionaire soulmate (and plenty of women do), there are a few critical things you should know.

  1. People who date millionaires and billionaires often have to be more isolated from the rest of society. When you’re in such a unique situation its hard to find people you can relate to.
  2. When you date a millionaire, there can be a LOT of pressure to be “perfect.” Perfect behavior, looks, and life. Nothing messy or complicated. (That includes your children.)
  3. Just because a man is rich doesn’t mean he’s mature, or kind, or loving. NO amount of money is worth your sanity or safety.
  4. Soulmates are built, not born. Keep reading…!

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How to attract your true soulmate…

It’s a tall order, to be sure. But when you meet a man with whom you can connect on the deepest levels, who loves you and allows you to grow into the woman you were born to become, you know it’s something special.

1. Be the woman you truly are.

Don’t try to make yourself over into the kind of woman you think someone else wants. That’s just not good for your soul, and it isn’t sustainable. You want someone who loves the true, sparkling, weird and lovely you, so BE the woman you truly are.

2. Take action! And be willing to kiss a few frogs.

Finding your soulmate isn’t about waiting until the Prince shows up so you can live happily ever after. This is your work, your goal, so take action! Start your search, gorgeous! Date plenty of guys so that you begin to understand the things that are really important to you. Then refine your search and keep going.

3. Soulmates are built, not born, so build on a good foundation.

No relationship begins with instant trust, magical knowledge of what makes the other person tick, or perfect maturity. Know the big stuff from the less important stuff.  And build from a good foundation.

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