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Long-Distance Dating: How to Overcome the Top 5 Challenges

Are you afraid that your long-distance relationship won’t last?

When you’re in love and miles apart, keeping a deep relationship alive and thriving can be tricky.

But smart men and women know the most common obstacles and face them head on, with plenty of heart, hard work, and even a few clever “hacks” and creative approaches.

Here are the top 5 most common long distance challenges, and how you can meet them AND beat them!

Long-distance love challenge #1: Jealousy

Jealousy, like any feeling, doesn’t come with a handy switch that you can flip on and off.

And sussing out the source of your jealous feelings can be a bit messy. You might feel jealous of your long-distance boyfriend for three main reasons:

  • the company your partner is keeping
  • the better job or location that your partner has
  • all the “unknowns” (What does the future hold? Will we make it? Does he still love me? Is he seeing someone else?) that are very normal in an LDR

The more insecure you feel, the greater the chances are of you being jealous.

So talk about it with your partner!

Not sure how to bring it up? Here’s a complete guide to bringing up ANY tough subject and working through it toward the most satisfying answers:

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Long-distance love challenge #2: Fear of being cheated on

This is an entirely normal fear, and you’ll find it in the most ordinary relationship, whether they are long-distance or not.

The best antidote to fear that your boyfriend will cheat on you is to work at building trust in your relationship.

Here’s your complete guide to building trust between you and your sweetheart:

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Long-distance love challenge #3: Arguments and fighting

Misunderstandings and disagreements are far more likely to happen in a long-distance relationship simply because it’s harder to understand the many subtleties of communication when you don’t get to see your partner face-to-face very often.

So remember to keep the main thing the main thing — don’t let less important stuff cause fractures between the two of you.

Be open to compromise. Be fair towards each other and don’t only expect your partner to compromise. Relationships are a two way street and both partners have to work equally hard.

Long-distance love challenge #4: Boring conversations

In a long-distance relationship you talk a lot. You’re always on the phone or Skype. You’re always texting. But what happens when you run out of things to say to each other?

Even happy couples can get blind-sided by this one.

So take a fresh look at WHAT the two of you are saying to each other. Rather than getting stuck in the routine, mundane stuff (“How was your day?” “Fine.” “What did you do?” “Not much.”), collect and plan to ask some more interesting questions of each other.

Here’s my favorite online resource that will give you hundreds of fascinating questions that are PROVEN to bring couples together. (Even complete strangers! You may have already read about that case study, it’s all over the internet…)

Read: Questions that make couples fall deeply in love

And if you want the sizzling-hot version of the book, well, you can get that one too! Click on the link below, and let Michael Webb inspire you both. 🙂

Read: 500 *INTIMATE* questions for couples

Long-distance love challenge #5: Loneliness

This one is maybe the toughest one of all, and it’s quite common in a long-distance relationship. So pursue some common hobbies together.

If you both always wanted to run a 10k, start training together, even in your separate locations. Keep each other updated on your progress, and even arrange your first race to be during one of your visits!

Here are some other ideas:

  • Bike a century
  • Take a class online together
  • Play a game together – board games, MMORPGs, whatever works
  • Learn to speak a foreign language
  • Plan a vacation or trip
  • Build a website together or share a (private?) blog
  • Watch a concert together
  • Research each other’s family trees and share your results

The object here is to create shared meaning and experiences, even though you aren’t physically in the same location.

And don’t forget the single most important thing of all: regular visits to see each other. (You already knew that one, of course.)

How to let your long-distance love be the beginning of something magical, beautiful, and long-lasting

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xoxo Claire

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