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Is Your Love STUCK? What To Do When His Feelings of Love For You are Not Growing Deeper

Are the feelings of love STUCK

Sometimes love gets STUCK. Those feelings of love, passion, and devotion stop flowing, or — even scarier — stop growing. What then? Is there anything you can do?

Yes. Your happy answer is yes!! 🙂

“His feelings of love for me are stuck in the same place…”

“Hello Claire, I am living a stress in my relationship. Through reading your program Capture His Heart I knew that  my boyfriend is the one that I really want, and we were in a great relationship but he was obliged to travel to work abroad for 3 years. I am happy for him, and I was ready to live this long distance relationship. But after one month he told me he that he feels like his feelings are not growing anymore. They are stuck in the same place and he doesn’t know what to do about that. At the same time he didn’t break up. We both don’t know what to do about that. All I know is that I love him and I am loving him more and more every day despite everything. I am doing great in my job and everything in my life, I feel that I am shining everywhere but I want to do great in my relationship with this man too! What do you think about this issue?” — P.

Hi, P — It makes sense to me that he might feel like his feelings of love are stuck and not growing any more. He’s half a world away, in a new situation, finding his way, and all his energy is going toward that!

And it makes sense that your old relationship game plan is going to have to change in order to keep the love flowing and growing.

magic re-set buttonWant that “magic DO-OVER button” that every woman wishes for?

This simple technique instantly “RE-SETS” your relationship and makes your man miss you, want you and love you again.

Here are your first 7 steps toward getting his feelings of love flowing once again…

1. Keep a tight lid on your strongest emotions.

Do whatever you need to (meditate, etc) to have a calm attitude before you interact with him. The LAST thing that will help right now is for you to feel or express desperation.

2. Do a fresh evaluation of the relationship: is he truly a good match for you?

Do you feel strong, happy, and confident when you’re with him (I know, that’s impossible right now, but think about it.)? Does he make me a regular priority? Do I trust him? Do the people who love me trust him? Does he want what’s best for me? Have we made it through hard times together and come out stronger? (remember that last one, I’ll come back to it inna sec)

3. Do a fresh evaluation of what YOU are bringing to the relationship that HE values so much.

What does he absolutely love about you? Your vibrance, energy, or confidence? Your passion for x, y, or z projects? Your common love of and respect for ____? Are those things still true in your life?

4. REMEMBER: Don’t be exclusive if the two of you have not agreed to be exclusive.

Just had to pop this in here, sunshine. It’s important!!

5. Think through a rough time the two of you made it through together, and came out stronger.

What were the factors that went into your success? Make yourself a list, and spend a few moments in gratitude and celebration, because this give you a good experience to support you in this new struggle.

6. Great script for starting over again:

Let’s say you run your evaluation, and it all comes up good. Everything’s still stuck, but you also still have a solid relationship worth saving.

Here’s a script for resetting things; it follows this simple pattern:

  1. accept — this is hard
  2. remind — that’s you’ve weathered storms before
  3. affirm — that you think the two of you CAN do it!
  4. ask — if he will help you forge a plan to building your relationship

“I know we’re going through a lot of major changes in our relationship right now. It makes perfect sense that this new hurdle — being separated for so long — is a big one, and it’s going to be a challenge for us.

Remember when we went through that crazy time with ___? [Remind him of the hard time, and share some key factors in what helped you both make it through!] That was rough, but we made it! We definitely have something good together.

And if we’re going to make it through THIS challenge, it’s going to take some work from both of us. I have some ideas about how we can do it, and maybe you will, too.

Are you willing to give it a try?”

7. Make your plan for the future

How can the two of you actively plan for and create ENERGY around your connection?

  • Set up regular communication (if you’re long distance, use the tech, girlfriend!)
  • Set up regular in-person visits (even if it’s only once a year during this LDR part of your relationship)
  • Pursue some common hobbies together
  • Regularly ask him about the things he’s passionate about
  • Openly share with him the things you sincerely adore about him
  • Invite his help or advice (in an area he’s good at, but you’re learning)
  • Learn what two or three things make him feel most loved
  • Tell him what makes YOU feel most loved
  • Pursue your own dreams and goals for your fabulous life

Feelings of love and commitment don’t grow on their own, they grow because you are continuing to do the active work of loving and caring about each other.

If you want some massively strong help for REVIVING your relationship…

If you are ready to re-awaken his (or your own!) feelings of love in the relationship…

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RE-interest a manThis will work on long-term ex-boyfriends or an ex-fiancee.

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And it will even work if you want to reignite the romance within your marriage, and awaken your husbands passionate feelings of love for you again.

If you are 100% serious about trying to re-interest a man, you couldn’t go wrong by listening to the Ex Back Experts, Samantha Sanderson and Dean Cortez.

The “Negative Emotion Neutralizer” is the core of their teaching, but they also have so many other proven and powerful things to offer.

Learn their stuff, and you, amazing woman, are going to feel “rejection proof” for good.

And after you get him back, you will never need to spend another moment worrying about losing him again…

xoxo Claire
PS: One of the things the ExBack Experts teach is that there are 7 DEADLY MISTAKES that women commonly make when they’re hoping to “work things out” with a man…

(I can pretty much guarantee you’re making at least one of these mistakes right now…)

Look, if you’re dealing with a breakup, your emotions are going up and down like a roller coaster, but this system will allow you to re-attract your ex WITHOUT begging or pleading (yuck and double yuck)…

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PPS: If you’ve been reaching out to your ex and trying to patch things up, do NOT communicate with him again until you at least watch this, okay?

If it’s no big deal, you can let that relationship go, that’s fine; you don’t need to go watch the video. (Of course!)

I ONLY post whole coaching courses and professional help books for women who want more than “just an article” can provide.

When my relationship was in dire straits (and we were talking about divorce), girlfriend you better believe I got busy researching, getting help, looking for the best possible ways to save things with my man.

We invest time and energy in things that are important to us. 

Sending so much love your way…

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