Take the Needy Girlfriend Quiz

You want to be loved, treated well, respected, and included in your man’s life in ways that enrich your relationship. All of that is normal, right? But what happens when you feel desperate for certain emotional, physical, or financial connections?

Take the Needy Girlfriend Quiz

What happens when you become a needy girlfriend?

Well, then you tend to agree to things that aren’t good for you, hide a very particular group of your feelings, say things you don’t actually believe. You lose your confidence. You stop remembering how beautiful you are. You bail out on your friends. You stop working toward the future you dreamed of before he came along.

And pretty soon you feel like only half a person. An unhappy half, at that.

How can you be so unhappy when you’re so in love?

The reason you’re unhappy is that when you started loving him so desperately, you stopped loving yourself. You’re missing the natural balance that happens when two healthy people love themselves as well as each other…

Take a look at the needy girlfriend quiz below. (Can’t see the quiz? Click HERE)

How to Score Yourself

If you click more than THREE of these, you’re in danger of becoming a clingy, needy girlfriend. It’s time for you to stop investing absolutely everything in him, so you can start to love yourself again, beautiful…

How do you start to love yourself again? By dating other guys. Renewing your other relationships (your girlfriends miss you!). Picking up your old hobbies. Investing in your dreams for the future again.

And guess what? The new, more secure you is incredibly attractive! 

You might just win his heart for good.

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xoxo Claire

8 comments on “Take the Needy Girlfriend Quiz

  1. Only 3 matched up for me even though I’m not dating, I just like someone. So yeah I could be a needy girlfriend, and I’ve always known, it’s kinda of scary but it’s good to face one’s self fully.

    I wonder if there’s a way to get past being scared about making mistakes with guys?

    • Claire Casey

      That’s a great question, Gaylena, and well worth a post at some point soon. Fear isn’t something you get rid of; like you suggested, it’s more something you have to get past — in other words, you have to act even if you’re afraid. You have to let your body and brain act in the best interest of your heart, in spite of your fear. Easier said than done sometimes, isn’t it? Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! xoxo

      • Claire, I have been meaning to reply to your comment, you make a very good point, I could make a mistake at any point, if I do something or don’t do a thing, but I have to move past fear.
        And the fear seems to come from the fact that I haven’t dated that much and not many men come along that I actually like, so of course I keep thinking please don’t mess this up.
        Plus, I don’t think I’m good with relationships, and to make matters worse, the guy I like is my night supervisor at work, and I have liked him since I met him four years ago, however he IS my supervisor, and I don’t want to lose my job if I did try to date him.
        People tell me that they think he likes me, and I have told him that people keep trying to set up and I said that since we are co-workers we couldn’t date, he asked why not, he didn’t think it was a big deal, I haven’t tried to find out though.

        Anyway, the reason I mention all of this, is that I hope it helps out someone else, because I recently read something that says we need to give men the freedom to choose us as the woman in their life. And I, myself, like my own freedom, so I would want anyone I like to have their own freedom, so I am giving the situation of liking my supervisor, the freedom to take it’s course and to turn out however it will turn out.
        In allowing things to be just what they are, makes me feel lighter weight, AND, I am starting to get a good friendship with my supervisor, so hopefully if nothing else, I will always have the friendship. 🙂

  2. Hmmm… This is an alarm to me. Since we are in a long-distance relationship, and I am still doing well without him, I thought I am fine. Now I find out I checked on more boxes than I thought. Recently, it feel like I am more clingy and insecure than usual. I feel like I am not as beautiful and sexy as I was because there is no man around, no date to expect, and nothing new to be excited. He calls and texts everyday, but I crave for more. And I worry more about our future together. When will we get married? Will everything be okay when we are together? Will I be okay with him working so far away? Will he get bored overtime while I put more of my life there? I want to get out of those thought and find a solution. What should I do?

  3. […] to know how well he would rate you on these things too… Maybe he’s wrong for you, but maybe you’re wrong for him, […]

  4. I’ve been a seeing a guy for 3 months now. I am not exclusive, but he has said he doesn’t want to see anyone else. Our problem is that he has two kids, an ex wife, and parents who live close, and work so it seems we only have time to see each other once in a week. It’s so frustrating. I’m not competing with other women, but FAMILY. I don’t think there is anything to do, how do I not feel like I’m getting crumbs while the relationship develops enough to be introduced to the fam?

    • Claire Casey

      Hi, Wendy. I hear your frustration loud and clear. It’s hard to be patient. But that’s where you are, so that’s what you’ll have to do if you’re really interested in finding out where this is going to go.

      However — YOU get to decide how long you’ll wait before you move on to someone else who fits your life and heart a bit better. Here’s an article that might help a bit:

      How to Set Your Dating Goals and Timeline:


      It’s tough. Family can be demanding. I have a big one myself, and I know my circle of “outside the family” friends is smaller than it would be if I didn’t have such a big, closely-knit family.

      It just depends on how long you’re willing to give it…

      My best to you as you think it through. {{hugs}}

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