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Want to RE-Interest a Man? How to Revive a Cooled Off Relationship

You CAN re-interest a man. Love CAN be brought to flames again (and again, and again)…

Is it possible to revive a “cooled-off” relationship? (And how do you actually DO it?)

“I currently have two guys in my life. The first is in and out of my life because of distance. When he lived here he would ask me to come stay practically every day. But now that he is so far away I feel like he is unable/unwilling to put in the work to make a LDR successful. Plus, I know he still dates other girls. But my heart still wants to be with him.

The other guy lives close by and texts me every day but we might only see each other every few weeks. But I know he’s dating someone else, too.

Unfortunately, I did have sex with each of them on our first date, so now I feel like that is part of the reason I can’t get either man to really commit to me.

Are either of these relationships worth trying to salvage? Or should I cut my losses and focus on doing it right the next time?” — M.

Okay, M., you already know to wait before jumping into bed with a man now, so you’re good on that count. And I sent you some tips on LDRs in my private email to you, so I’m gonna focus on the other guy for now, the one who lives near you.

But before I begin, let me remind you…

Casually dating more than one person at a time is fine, good, and normal! 🙂

Don’t worry about the fact that both of the men you were dating were also seeing other women. In fact, YOU should be dating other guys, and casually allowing the men you’re seeing to KNOW this.

Not in a nasty way — in a sexy way! You’re the grand sparkling prize, and oops, you can’t see him on Tuesday night because you’ll be out with a “friend…”

magic re-set buttonWant that “magic DO-OVER button” that every woman wishes for?

This simple technique instantly “RE-SETS” your relationship and makes your man miss you, want you and love you again.

If you commit everything to a man who is NOT committed to you, you’re giving up your power in a relationship. Plus, guys are kinda turned off by it. The chase is over, the woman is theirs, they move on.

So date others, sweet mama. And keep things casual and light between you and a man until you BOTH agree you’re ready to take things deeper.

RE-interest a Man Step 1. Remind him of some of the best times you had together

Text messages work GREAT for this. You can remind him of your inside jokes, wacky experiences, or even sensual moments.

And WORK on these texts in advance. Write them out and make them sound DELICIOUS, and exciting and fantastic and wow. Make him fall in love with that moment all over again.

Those pleasurable memories are like hot little coals in the back of his mind — it’s not difficult to get them flaming again! He’s going to want MORE.

RE-interest a Man Step 2. Invite him to do a fun project with you

This works best if you

  1. pick an area where he’s strong
  2. ask him for his help

What are his biggest hobbies, interests, or pursuits?

Is he a surfer? Tell him you plan to learn and invite him to teach you.

Does he restore old cars? Find a show a couple hour’s drive away, and ask him if he’ll show you the best stuff there.

OMLittlePonies, men loooooove it when a woman asks them for “help.”

RE-interest a Man Step 3. Figure out his “love language”

What things make him feel loved? This may take a little bit of work to discover, but it’s totally do-able.

Your first clue will be what things HE does for others on a regular basis. We often do the things we wish others would do for us.

Here are the 5 Love Languages from Gary Chapman’s book on the subject. Can you suss out which one or two are at the very TOP of your boyfriend’s (and your own) list?

  1. Admiration: This is a simple requirement to provide, but words of admiration can be quickly ruined by someone who is highly critical.
  2. Acts of service: Actions that regularly show support for you or your partner, from cleaning the kitchen or helping with groceries or helping untangle a transportation issue.
  3. Receiving gifts: These can be gifts of every size. Flowers, car washes, clothes…
  4. Quality time: Showing your love by regularly receiving or giving your spouse your undivided attention.
  5. Physical touch: More than sex, this one encompasses hugs, handholding, shoulder rubs, and all other forms of appropriate, well-timed touches.

And as intimacy grows between you, don’t forget to communicate your own love language to him, too.

If you’re 100% SERIOUS about trying to re-interest a man and get him BACK in your arms…

If you want to really get inside his brain, so that you can “erase” any negative memories and emotions towards you…

  • No matter how hurtful your breakup was, or how long ago it happened…
  • No matter if he’s been ignoring you and refuses to communicate…
  • And no matter if he’s dating someone new…

You should let Tammy tell you the story of what happened between her and Jason…

RE-interest a manAnd I’ll jump ahead and tell you she used a simple (and powerful) technique called the “Negative Emotion Neutralizer” that she learned from professional dating coaches Samantha Sanderson and Dean Cortez.

Pretty quickly Tammy’s “ex” was reaching out to her, asking how she was doing, wanting to meet up with her to “talk…” It was amazing how quickly he had a total change of heart!

Now if you’re like me (and girlfriend, I SWIM in the water of relationship drama!), you sometimes roll your eyes at the names for different relationship techniques, BUT I don’t care WHAT it’s called, this “Negative Emotion Neutralizer” is a brilliant way to “reset” your relationship and re-interest a man, no matter what happened between you.

After you use this on him, he’s going to feel SO irritated and disgusted with himself for EVER letting things cool off between you.

You desire to RE-interest a man will be a snap with this!

And before you know it, you’ll have him back in your arms again, where he belongs, except THIS time it will be a relationship built on a rock-solid foundation of love, passion and trust.

Without secrets or hurt feelings over the past.

One of the best parts? He’ll think getting back together with you was all HIS idea!

(Men are so adorable, aren’t they?)

  • This will work on long-term ex-boyfriends or an ex-fiancee.
  • It will work on a guy who you were dating casually, until his interest in you “cooled off” for some reason…
  • It works on long-distance relationships, too…
  • And it will even work if you want to reignite the romance within your marriage, and make your husband love you passionately again.

If you are 100% serious about trying to re-interest a man, you couldn’t go wrong by listening to the Ex Back Experts, Samantha Sanderson and Dean Cortez.

The “Negative Emotion Neutralizer” is the core of their teaching, but they also have so many other proven and powerful things to offer.

Learn their stuff, and you, amazing woman, are going to feel “rejection proof” for good.

And after you get him back, you will never need to spend another moment worrying about losing him again…

xoxo Claire

PS: One of the things the ExBack Experts teach is that there are 7 DEADLY MISTAKES that women commonly make when they’re hoping to “work things out” with a man…

(I can pretty much guarantee that if you have an ex you still love, you’re making at least one of these mistakes right now…)

Look, if you’re dealing with a breakup, your emotions are going up and down like a roller coaster, but this system will allow you to re-attract your ex WITHOUT begging or pleading (yuck and double yuck)…

  • Without you having to “change” yourself to make him want you…
  • Without you having to do anything silly or embarrassing…
  • And without you having to suffer and obsess about him for ANY LONGER.

So, go see what the ExBack Experts have to share!

PPS: If you’ve been reaching out to your ex and trying to patch things up, do NOT communicate with him again until you at least watch this, okay?

PPPS: Okay, if you’re a “smarty-pants” type like me (lolol!), here’s the super brainy backing behind ExBack Experts:

This primary technique they teach was initially discovered by social psychologist Daniel Wegner in a laboratory setting in 1987, as he conducted an academic study.

Samantha Sanderson and Dean Cortez were the first to apply these same psychological loopholes to the art of “re-attraction.”

They also integrated their extensive knowledge in the fields of Behavioral Dynamics and Human Cognitive Conditioning. Eventually, they distilled the results into an easy-to-follow sequence of steps.

The most important step is using The Negative Emotion Neutralizer, which is the core of the Ex Back Experts system.

SO! This isn’t just a bunch of intellectual and theoretical nonsense.

It has been extensively tested and proven over and over again. Not only by Samantha and Dean, but by hundreds of students, some of whom you’ll hear from in a moment…

Click here to listen now…

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