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8 Ways to Tell Her She’s BEAUTIFUL (and make her BELIEVE it)

If you adore your woman, and you’re looking for a way to tell her she’s beautiful and make her believe it, this post is for you.

And if you’re a woman who could use a little insight into your own beauty and healthy self-esteem, I hope you’ll find some inspiration here as well…

Most of my emails are from women, but recently I received this email from a very in-love, frustrated guy.

“My question for Claire: HTF do I properly and completely tell the woman who hates her body that I find her the most incredible “find” that I have ever made. I have been divorced twice and, after giving her a ring, and proposing marriage, she is OK with us just living together. I understand her unwillingness, since she has also divorced, and she is ten years my senior, but she is the MOST caring, giving, and loving person that I have ever known. I LOVE her beyond words.”  — Brandon

What a man, right?

And I turned this one over to the amazing community of women here for their wisdom, and this is how they responded… There are some incredible nuggets of wisdom here!

“I cannot imagine living my life with someone other than YOU”

“Every time she opens up the issue about her insecurity with her body, tell her, “I love you for who you are and not for how you look. You are the most beautiful and sexiest woman to me. I cannot imagine living my life with someone else other than you. Please don’t let our relationship drift apart because of the negative things you think about yourself. How I wish you can see yourself – the beautiful you – the way I see you, the way I love you. I fell in love with you because I saw the real you, and I will fall in love with you over and over again. I want you to know that I truly love you.” I don’t know how to do it for the woman but she seems to have an extremely deep issues on self-esteem that would damage their relationship anytime soon. She has to address this or else they will both have a hard time in the relationship.” – Belle

Be patient and support her

“Give her time. Don’t put too much pressure on her. It’s absolutely beautiful that you love her so much but she also needs to love herself. So be patient and just be there to support her. And don’t forget: you are precious too! Good luck to you, you certainly deserve to be loved as much as you give love.” – Helge

Tell her how she brings peace to your heart and calm to your home

“I’m sure you have told her how much you love her body, the feel, the smell, the taste, how every embrace makes you feel amazing. But have you told her about her spirt? Her mind? Women want to feel loved for their whole being. Tell her how she brings peace to your heart and calm to your home. And make sure you bring calm, courage and security to hers. Then, step back. Give her room to come to you.” – Ida

Speak with her love language

“If her love language is words of affirmation she will love to hear that you love her body and think she is a find. If it is receiving gifts – give her flowers or a small gift and tell her their beauty does not compare to what you think of her body. Maybe you can give her a massage and tell her how you think she is a find. Or even write her a note or letter. It may take her awhile but eventually she will belive in you if your actions match your words.” – Pat

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Use creative messages

“When my husband and I first got together he made a poem out of my name that explained all the exciting ways he enjoyed being with me. It’s one of the things I love about him. The creative ways he finds to let me know he loves and wants to be with me. Build up your sweetheart’s strengths and abilities. Something like this: “It blows me away when you give so much of your time and energy to…” Or “It must make you feel..” Or “I love ___ about you and want to be more like that myself.” – Annette

Touch her exactly THERE…

“This is so simple, but worked miracles for me. My body image problem is my belly. I work out hard, so my boyfriend knows how much effort I’ve put into fitness, but I have a stubborn “pouch” that nothing seems to touch. During intimacy, I was always wanting to cover it up or be in positions where it couldn’t be seen, and finally one day when we were just lying there touching and talking with full exposure under the light, he sat and just caressed my belly over and over and told me to stop it – that I’m beautiful and he loves every part of me. For me, him making a point of touching me often exactly there, rather than complimenting me on other body parts or characteristics that “make up for it” did the trick.” – Alison

Try these 6 sensual, affirming moves

“Check her out and let her “catch” you doing it. Look away like you’ve just been busted, like it’s a guilty pleasure. When you pass her in the hall, touch her. Stroke her arm affectionately or brush the hair from her cheek. Steal kisses if you can – it will make her feel irresistible, and feeling desired can make a woman feel beautiful. If she’s doing the dishes come in, hug her from behind and nuzzle her neck, then take her hands out of the water, dry them and tell her someone so precious needs time to herself. Then finish the dishes for her… Be proud of this woman, show her off a little and make sure she feels you claiming her. Give her every reason to feel you want her specifically and she will blossom.” – Colleen

Show her the future you want to share with her

“Open up and show her, tell her WHY as a man you find her to be the the very best woman for you. Show her a future the pair of you can share and be happy in. You both have been wounded – show your scars without shame and help each other to fully heal.” – Kay

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2 comments on “8 Ways to Tell Her She’s BEAUTIFUL (and make her BELIEVE it)

  1. Thank you ladies so very much for this feedback. I think its most important for your words to match your actions. that’s a big one in our relationship. I am trying to survive all the ups and downs of a long distance relationship and its been tough on us both. We are just now starting to try and heal some of the past stuff , but seems like I am the only one who wants to talk sometimes. She has always been so amazing in character and beauty but she always looks so sad and depressed. Her potential is unlimited and I want to be the one who can help bring out her creative side. I love her unconditionally and have went out of my way expressing this. why do you think she gets so quite and withdrawn sometimes when we are around each other? I will say she lost her attraction for me because I showed signs of neediness , but that has never been my character ,I just feel hard for her because she is my style of a lady and I think she is amazing all around. wanted to share everybit of my life with her , and some of the mistakes I made were flirting or looking at other wemon ,but I was an asshole for that and wanted to make her jealous ,it did more than that it pushed her away .

  2. Ryan Berry

    I am reading through all of this, Me being a 13 year old I have a girlfriend who just does not understand how beautiful she is. I compliment her as much as I can, she still seems to be so insecure when her body is down right gorgeous. and I lover her no matter what. I don’t want her to be scared of leaving her because I don’t intend on it nor would I want too. I don’t care about her body size nor do I care about her voice or anything. It seems she does though. I love her with all my heart and I always will. I wanna grow old with her, hug, hold, and cuddle her. She means so so so much to me.

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