Quickie: Breaking the Cycle of Unavailable Men

no more unavailable men

If you seem to keep ending up with unavailable men, and are ready to break free from that unhealthy relationship pattern, here are the best resources for you, all in one place! That’s why I call these “Quickies”…!

“Why am I always attracting unavailable men?”

“Hi Claire, I am a 39 year old single woman with 1 child. I have been struggling to find the right guy for me and always end up in dead end relationships mostly with married men. I don’t know why I seem to be attracting unavailable men and I need your help to break this cycle.” — T.

This is such a frustrating position to find yourself in. The whole married man (or emotionally unavailable man) is a massive challenge.

Here are my top 5 articles to help you break free from the “Unavailable Men” pattern:

  1. How to FINALLY Stop Picking the Wrong Men for You
  2. Why It’s So HARD to Break Up With Your Married Boyfriend (For GOOD)
  3. How to Deal With an Emotionally Unavailable Man
  4. How to Get Him Out Of Your Head – Even If You KNOW He Was Wrong For You
  5. Struggling to Free Yourself From the WRONG Man? This Solution Works Wonders…

There are 9 powerful tactics in that fourth article  that will help you get these unavailable men OUT of your headspace… Which also means out of your heart, energy, and life, too.

And here’s a great mantra to make your own:

There are plenty of men in the world who are better, healthier, and more loving than [his name]. I deserve better than [his name]. When I free myself from the emotional residue of [this man] I will be a much healthier woman.

You have power! Use it to rebuild your heart even stronger.

xoxo Claire


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