QUICKIE: “He Seems Secretive… What’s He Hiding?”

he seems secretive

When a man is being secretive and you don’t know why, your imagination fills in the blanks with plenty of awful scenarios.

Here’s my fastest set of resources for figuring out exactly WHY he seems so secretive, and what to do about it, too. (That’s why I call these “Quickies!”)

“He seems secretive about something… How can I find out?”

“Claire, you talked about what to do with a guy isn’t over his ex, and I think my boyfriend may have this issue but I’m not sure. He seems secretive about something (I don’t know what) and I am wondering if it’s his ex who is bothering him. How can I find out?” — R.

You didn’t say if the two of you are exclusive, so I can’t be sure if this is about cheating. But men are secretive for all kinds of reasons, and I can understand why that might be worrisome for you.

Here are my top articles that will help you figure out WHY he’s being secretive… And some help for talking to him about it, too.

Btw, in that first article below, If you check off more than two or three of the signs, you may need to sit down and have a conversation with him. And you’ll see I’ve shared an article that will help you with that, too…

  1. 16 Signs He’s Hiding Something IMPORTANT From You
  2. Is He How to Find Out if He’s Hiding a Wife
  3. How to Talk to Him and Get the Answers You Need

And here’s a quick mantra to lift your heart and ground your soul…

I attend to my own needs to be respected, loved, valued, and treated well.

My needs are in no way inappropriate, and I will see that they are met by caring for myself, by keeping my connections with people who treat me well, and by allowing unhealthy bonds to fade and eventually dissolve.

Today I trust my feelings. I hear what they have to say, for my feelings can be wise. I am relaxed. I am centered. I am focused.

No matter what I feel, both my heart and my head are working together today to choose the best path for me.

xoxo Claire

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